New Water Development by Bridgeport Co.

New Water Development by Bridgeport Co.

One-third of the water which flows through the town of Sandy Hook, Conn., as the Pootatuck River joining the Housatonic River, ultimately is to be diverted by the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company to the Pequonnock River from the hills above Sandy Hook and the water will eventually reach the new Easton Lake of the company where it will be impended for Bridgeport consumption. The move came to light by the company’s purchase of two water power mills on the Pootatuck River in the Sandy Hook section of Newtown. Deeds in the deal were recorded at Newtown on January 15.

The fact that the Pootatuck supply is to be used is important in that it will divert water which has for many years turned the wheels of the miniature industrial center at Sandy Hook. It will be the initial attempt to use the Pootatuck waters for city supply.

The Bridgeport Hydraulic Company, one of the largest public service corporations in the East, has been buying up properties on the Pootatuck for the past five years. The company will dam the river above Sandy Hook and pipe water to the Pequonnock River at a point near Botsford station. The Pequonnock upper reaches are in turn to be canaled to the Mill River which flows directly into the new Easton Lake dam, near Sport Hill, in Easton. This dam will not be ready for at least two years, however.

The Pootatuck River has a watershed of about twentyseven square miles and the maximum requirements from the shed would be one-third of the water, while at many stages no water would be taken from this shed if sufficient supply came from other sheds feeding Easton Lake. The Pootatuck River is one of the most picturesque streams in Fairfield County as it wends its way through Sandy Hook. The hydraulic company has purchased the Niantic mill and Campbell grist mill properties at Sandy Hook. The Niantic mill property consists of two and three-tenths acres of land. The Campbell property consists of two acres of land. Both properties are situated on the Pootatuck River.


Franklin, Ky., Without Water After Fire Damages Utility Plant—As a result of a fire which damaged the plant of the Kentucky Utilities Company, Franklin, Ky., was without water and light for twelve hours one day last month. The fire incurred a loss of $35,000 to the plant, and an additional $15,000 loss to adjacent buildings before it was checked. Just as the town’s water supply gave out the flames were brought under control and additional loss was prevented.

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