New Water Supply of Spartanburg, S. C.

New Water Supply of Spartanburg, S. C.

The citizens of Spartanburg voted without opposition for the issuance of bonds in the sum of $1,350,000 to finance the new water supply source on the South Pacolet River. So certain were the water commissioners that the bonds would be voted that months ago they secured options on all the land needed for the plant and the protection of the watershed, and several weeks ago purchased the same.

The water works business of Spartanburg has been conducted on such an excellent basis that the plant has a surplus, and the citizens are assured that the building of the modern $1,350,000 plant will not add a penny to the tax rate nor increase the water rate.

Carefully prepared preliminary estimates have been made, using the highest and best quality of material, labor and equipment available, and are believed enough to cover all contingencies. The estimated cost of this development is as follows:

The present water supply of Spartanburg is obtained from three sources; namely, Chinquepin Creek, Shoally Creek and Lawson’s Fork. The water from Lawson’s Fork and Shoally Creek are pumped into an impounding reservoir located on Chinquepin Creek and the combined waters flow by gravity through coagulating basins to gravity filters, and are discharged into a clear well from which it is drawn by high lift service pumps and delivered into the mains and standpipe.

The general elevation of Spartanburg is 875, and the elevation of the top of the standpipe is 924. The ground gradually rises in a northwesterly direction, and after passing Inman, S. C., an average elevation of 1,000 feet obtains, until the foot of the mountains are reached about twenty (20) miles from Spartanburg. Here the topography changes abruptly into isolated peaks and ridges, with maximum elevation of 3,000 feet above sea level. The nearest stream which offers advantages for development is the South Pacolet River and its tributaries, which have their origin in these ridges.

Estimated Annual Cost South Pacolet River Supply


Keene, N. H., Installing New Purification System—Work of installing two slow sand water filters for the new water supply system at Keene, N. H., has commenced. The city will also install a concrete reservoir. The total cost of the purification systems and the reservoir will be $111,255. The contract was given the lowest bidder out of 15 from Massachusetts, Maine and Ohio. The installation of an altitude valve and the cleaning of the water mains will start after the purification plants are installed.

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