New York Accepts “Double Duty” Fire Fire Trucks

New York Accepts “Double Duty” Fire Fire Trucks

Last week the New York Fire Department tested out the first three of an order of ten South Bend “Double Duty” fire trucks, built by the South Bend Motor Car Works, of South Bend, Ind. The consignment consisted of two high pressure motor hose trucks which are to be placed at once in the high value district covered by the high pressure system. The other machine is a combination chemical and hose truck. The high pressure cars carry 1,200 feet of three-inch hose each, while the other carries, besides its chemical equipment, 1,200 feet of 2 1/2-inch hose. Each truck is propelled by a 70 horse-power engine, and chain drive is employed. The chasses are of the South Bend Type 70.

The bodies of the machines were built to specifications of the New York Fire Department as were also the turret pipes.

The tests to which the apparatus was subjected before acceptance included a twentymile run over the hilly portion of Manhattan and the grades encountered were as much as 15 per cent. Nevertheless the machines showed an average speed of thirty miles an hour for the entire course. The department requirement on the 15 per cent, grade is seven and one-half miles per hour. All three engines finished the tests with perfect records and were immediately accepted. The company was represented by Alfred C. Mecklenburg, President; Walter M. Heller, Eastern representative, and factory demonstrators.

South Bend Double Duty Combination Chemical and Hose Truck Delivered to New York.The Three South Bend Double Duty Trucks of the First Shipment Delivered to New York.

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