New York Accepts Football Challenge

New York Accepts Football Challenge

The war is on! But of course, it is only the result of two prominent fire chiefs believing that their departments have the best football players.

At a meeting of the directors and officers of the International Association of Fire Chiefs in Philadelphia, Chief Ralph Scott of the Los Angeles Fire Department issued a challenge as follows:

“To any fire department on God’s green earth: to play the men of his department a game of football, the game to be played on Franklin Field, Philadelphia on the sixteenth of next October.”

Chief Kenlon and Fire Commissioner J. J. Dorman of New York who were present, accepted the challenge. It was agreed that New York organize a department from among its members. One of the rules agreed upon was that a member of the football team must have served three months in the department, in uniform, prior to October 15, 1928.

In an official letter to all fire companies Chief Kenlon said: “We are, therefore, requesting all members of the uniformed force, between the ages of twenty-one and thirty-two years, who are athletes and who wish to try for the team, to send their names to the office. Chief of Department not later than April 1. Any men having played on a football team will so state in his application.

“Our pride and confidence in the firemen of New York led us to accept the challenge. We have competent coaches: every facility. With your whole-hearted cooperaton, we shall win.”

The war is on! May the best team score the highest.

Ladder Truck Delivered to Margate, N, J.—A Seagravc ladder truck has been delivered to Margate, N. J.

Weymouth, Mass., to Have New Station—A committee has been appointed in Weymouth, Mass., to select a site for a new fire station.

Amesbury, Mass., Opens New Station—A new fire station, erected at a cost of $60,000, was opened in Amesbury, Mass., on March 3.

Four Lieutenants Added to Revere, Mass.—The appointment of four new lieutenants for Revere, Mass., has been approved.

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