New York Adopts Plan To Cut False Alarm Responses

New York Adopts Plan To Cut False Alarm Responses

A program designed to reduce department responses to false alarms in the city of New York was recently expanded from its initial five month test plan.

Under the latest phase of the modified response plan, fire apparatus will no longer be dispatched to voice-operated fire alarm boxes when no actual voice is heard between 11 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.

The plan involves only voice-operated emergency reporting system (FIRS) fire alarm boxes. About 4300 of these boxes are currently in service in virtually all of Manhattan and in one-third of Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Fire Commissioner Augustus A. Beekman noted that the plan “reduces the stress and fatigue factors for our fire fighters and the danger of injury to them or others due to accidents en route to or from false alarms.”

Mayor FIdward I. Koch added, “The plan ensures that our fire fighters are instantly available to respond to real fires and are not chasing false alarms. Availability means better fire protection.”

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