New York Automobile Show

New York Automobile Show

The sixth annual National Automobile Show, under the auspices of the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce, was held at the Grand Central Palace, New York, from December 31 to January 8. The exposition was a great success and far exceeded all previous meetings, both from the point of attendance and number of exhibitors. Over four hundred different concerns, including automobile manufacturers, manufacturers of specialties and tire men were represented. While the show was strictly for pleasure vehicles, a large number of concerns interested in the fire department service and exhibits, though not covering the fire apparatus end of their business.

The Kissel Motor Car Co., of Hartford, Wis. —Displayed their now famous “All-year” car, originated by President Kissel, of that company. The “All-year” car for winter use is practically a limousine, and for summer use, when the top part is removed, the car presents the appearance of a very highclass touring car. The winter part is easily removed and it takes less than half an hour for that purpose. Since the Kissel Company placed on the market their first “All-year” car, over a score of manufacturers have followed their start and arc now building what are termed “convertible” cars..

Thomas B. Jeffery Co., Kenosha, Wis.—This concern had on exhibit a full line of their wellknown pleasure vehicles, including their touring cars, runabouts, coupes and limousines with detachable top. It will be remembered that the Jeffery Company has placed on the market a large number of fire department machines which have been doing very good service.

Peerless Motor Car Co., Cleveland, O.—A large display of high-class automobiles including limousines, touring cars and coupes. The Peerless Motor Car Co. not only builds pleasure vehicles but also a complete line of commermercial trucks, including a high-class combination chemical and hose car.

Velie Motor Vehicle Co., Moline, Ill.—An attractive display of pleasure vehicles constituted the exhibit of this company. Velie cars are well known for their efficiency and power. This company has placed in service a number of fire trucks including both the combination chemical and hose trucks and ladder trucks.

Winton Co., Cleveland, O.—The famous “Winton 6” stood out well in the displays of vehicles at the show. The Winton Company makes only one type of engine, namely, “Winton 6,” and by concentrating on the one they have been able to put on the market a very good machine at a reasonable price. In the fire departments of the country a large number of “Winton 6” combination chemical and hose wagons are doing service. At the recent convention in Cincinnati the chiefs probably noticed a Winton salvage truck racing through the streets. This is only one of the many trucks of this type that have been put in service by the Winton Co.

Joseph Dixon Crucible Co. was prominently represented in the display of automobile supplies. Their lubricants for all parts of the car arc too well known and liked to need any description or praise. Their layout included samples of all automobile oils manufactured by their company.

Essex Rubber Co., Trenton, N. J.—A line of Essex tires constituted the exhibit of this company. Their tires, while comparatively new on the market, have proven very effective in all kinds of service.

Gray & Davis, Inc., Boston, Mass.—Complete outfits for electric lighting and starting automobiles were included in the Gray & Davis exhibit. The Gray & Davis apparatus is one of the most popular on the market and is used in a large amount of the fire apparatus now being manufactured.

Hartford Suspension Co., Jersey City, N. J. —Shock absorbers were tbe only devices exhibited by this company. They are especially effective on pleasure cars, but heavy types of the shock absorbers are manufactured for motor fire apparatus and have proven equally effective.

The Master Carburetor Corporation, of Detroit, Mich., showed a very complete assortment of their “Master” carburetors. The high quality of “Master” carburetors has gradually brought the name of “Master” to the front in the line of carburetors. Their reliability has made them especially effective for use on motor fire apparatus where they guarantee operation. Mr. Arthur L. Jelley, sales manager, along with his staff of assistants, was at the show and when spoken to by a representative of this journal stated that the carburetors manufactured by his company are rapidly finding favor with fire apparatus manufacturers as well as chiefs, because of the positiveness of their operation and the lack of usual carburetor troubles when the “Master” carburetors are used.

Newmastic Co., New York.—Newmastic filling for tires has been on the market for a number of years and of late has been gaining rapidly in use. When a pneumatic tire is about worn out it can be filled with the “Newmastic” filling and its life lengthened at least 50 per cent. The cost of filling with “Newmastic” is about one-fourth of that of new tires, so the saving by using “Newmastic” is considerable. This company had on exhibition samples of their filling and also samples of tires filled with “Newmastic” compound. It proved a very interesting display.

The Pyrene Mfg. Co., New York.—Pyrene extinguishers on automobiles and automobile fire apparatus have been specified by various fire department heads throughout the country. In fact, the insurance companies allow a 5 per cent, deduction in insurance on automobiles when qquipped with Pyrene extinguishers. The display Af this company consisted of a number of mechanically operated “scenes” showing the-effects of usijjg and not using Pyrene.

Royal Equipment Co., Bridgeport, Conn.— Royal equipment brakes, as well as brake lining, have been used for years in fire department service with most satisfactory results. The company displayed at the New York show sets of their brakes as well as samples of their different types of brake lining.

Schwarz Wheel Co., Philadelphia Pa.—A large number of the different types of pleasure automobiles displayed at the New York show were equipped with Schwarz wheels. First, because of their reliability on the different makes of automobiles and motor trucks, and secondly, because the name “Schwarz” adds confidence in any piece of apparatus equipped with such wheels. The Schwarz wheel exhibition itself showed parts of the automobile wheels during the process of their construction and also completed wheels.

Standard Wover Fabric Co., Framingham, Mass.—This company had for display samples of their brake lining especially made for pleasure cars. They also manufacture heavier brake lining for motor trucks, including fire apparatus.

Wayne Oil Tank and Pump Co., New York. —Wayne oil storage tanks have shown very satisfactory service wherever installed. Scores of fire departments have used Wayne storage apparatus in fire department garages and have also recommended their use in other garages as a means to guard against fire. The company displayed types of their equipments complete, showing how accessible they were and at the same time how much safer than the oldfashioned methods of handling oil and gasoline.

Wood Mfg. Co., Fairfield, Conn.—Wood lights for automobiles have always been looked tion as one of the highest types of lights for this service, because of the strength of their design and the care in manufacture. The YVood Co. manufactures a large line of both searchlights and stationary lights for automobiles. The searchlights have been used to a great extent on fire apparatus and with gratifying results. This company manufactures an especially equipped light for penetrating through fog and smoke. Thcv had on exhibition samples of their complete line which made a very attractive and interesting show.

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