The (silent ?) gentlemen that compose the Board of Fire Commissioners held their regular meeting on Wednesday last, President King in the chair. After the adoption of the minutes of the previous meeting, Hoseman K. Holland, of Chemical Engine Co. No. 4, was charged with having failed to report at the engine house when his time was up. Holland stated in excuse that he had one mile to walk to get his dinner, and the same distance back ; that he could not avail himself of any public conveyance in the way of cars, and that if he went to his meal he could not do it short of two hours.

MR. Perley.—Did you stop at any place to get a drink ?

Witness.—No, sir ; I am not a drinking

The case was finally dismissed ; but it was decided that Holland was just the man for truck duty, and he will therefore have a chance to do hard duty down town.

Christopher lies, of Engine 13, was dismissd the force, having left the city.

William Martin, of Hook and Ladder 13, was arraigned for having failed to report the breaking of his key in an alarm box. The case was dismissed, after which they adjourned.

Messrs. Buckley & Merrill, of No. 156 South Street, have just shipped to Pottsville, Pa., a richly plated four wheeled carriage, painted red and gold striped. It is a tine piece of workmanship, and reflects great credit on the manufactures.

Ed. B. l.evertck, of No. 121 Walker Street, has just furnished a neat Hook and Ladder ‘1 ruck for Matawan, N. J. The Firemen turned out on Thanksgiving day to receive it. They are also finishing a richly plated truck for Excelsior Hook and Ladder 1, of Binghamton, N. Y.

The First Batallion, under Chief Rowe, will parade this morning, and be reviewed in front of the City Hall, when Mayor Ely will make the presentation of the Bennett medal to Foreman McGorram, of Engine 6,

A large number of transfers were made yesterday, among whom were about a dozen officers.

I he William McDonald Association, of the Ninth Ward, gave their annual ball on Thanksgiving Eve, atMarr’s Assembly Rooms, Bleecker Street, and was attended by a large number of the old Volunteer Fire Department. It proved a perfect success.

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