New York City After Ticket Sellers

New York City After Ticket Sellers

Several arrests have been made in a determined drive by Fire Commissioner John J. Dorman to stamp out ticket selling for alleged benefits for firemen in New York city.

The ticket selling habit in New York has become a public nuisance, so much in fact, that even the Police Commissioner has just ordered the cancellation of a bona fide dinner scheduled to be held this winter by the Police Sergeants’ Association of the New York Police Department.

Fire Commissioner Dorman has not gone as far as that, but he has issued public warning against sellers of spurious tickets for a so-called—“Twenty ‘Year Firemen’s Association.” Scores of business men in New York have purchased these tickets in amounts ranging from $5 to $100, only to find out later that the affair as advertised on the gilt edged ticket, is to he held next May, and that the promoters of it are professionals who make a livelihood out of selling tickets in the name of firemen and policemen too.

Business men in New York have become sick, sore and disgusted with the ticket selling pest. As a general thing, the firemen in any city stand higher in the affection of its citizenry than do the policemen, not that they are any the less in morals or public service. Policemen, however, represent protection and law’ enforcement, while the fireman is regarded and treated solely as a guardian rather than a monitor. Therefore it is much easier to sell fire tickets than police benefit tickets.

Ex-Chief Litchfield of Quincy, Mass., Dead—Amos L. Litchfield of Quincy, Mass., died recently. He was a member of the old Tiger company and was appointed chief in 1906.

Liberty Center, O., to Purchase Fire Apparatus—A fund is being raised by Liberty Center, Ohio for the purchase of fire apparatus.

New Britain, Conn., to Have More Firemen—Ten additional firemen will be appointed in New Britain, Conn., to man the new Belvidere fire station that will be opened soon.

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