New York City Regulates Pressurized Containers

New York City Regulates Pressurized Containers

New York City’s Health Commissioner, Dr. George James, and Fire Commissioner Edward Thompson have announced that regulations have been adopted controlling certain cosmetics and other household products sold in pressurized containers. These regulations require special warnings to the users of those products which contain flammable propellants or other hazardous substances. The action was taken as a result of months of investigation and study of the potential dangers to the user of such products. Both commissioners felt special warnings are needed governing the storage, use and disposal of these products or containers.

Flammable propellants are used innumerous products such as shaving cream, insecticides, deodorants and a great variety of household products. The uses in industry have increased and a great number of commodities are in common use in business.

Regulations promulgated as a result of the efforts of the New York City Fire Department and the Department of Health, also include required testing procedures, limitations on the size of containers and a prohibition of extremely flammable, flammable or combustible deicers for refrigerators or freezers and oven cleaners. In addition, no extremely flammable or flammable propellants shall be used for filling containers for pressurized products within the city.

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