New York City to Launch Fireboat

New York City to Launch Fireboat

Miss Anne Dorman, daughter of Fire Commissioner Dorman of New York City, will christen the new fireboat that is to be launched for the city October 6 at the Todd Shipyards Corporation. The boat will be named the John J. Harvey in memory of the fireboat pilot who was killed while fighting a fire in the cargo of the North German Lloyd liner Muenchen which sank at her moorings, February 11, 1930.

The new boat is 130 feet long, has a beam of 28 feet and will draw 8 1/2 feet of water. Four intakes will serve the boat in taking on water and thirty-two nozzles will discharge it at the rate of 16,000 gallons per minute at 150-pound pressure. One deck gun will have a capacity of 3,000 gallons per minute and another a capacity of 2,000 gallons, while two manifolds will provide twenty-four outlets.

The Harvey has been fitted with five Sterling Viking gasoline engines of 550 horsepower which can develop 2,750 horsepower and a speed of eighteen miles an hour. When the boat is in action four of the engines will be switched to the pumps and the fifth will operate on an electric motor connected with the motors to offset the force of the water in discharge and to hold the boat in position.

The boat was designed by Henry J. Gielow, Inc., of 25 West Forty-third Street, and is classified by the American Bureau of Shipping.

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