New York City to Order New Fireboat

New York City to Order New Fireboat

Bids for the construction of a new $320,000 flame-proof fire boat, capable of throwing 16,000 gallons of water per minute, have been received by Fire Commissioner John J. Dorman of New York.

The new marine fire fighter will be 130 feet long, will have a beam of 26 feet, a draft of 7 1/2 feet and will be powered by five main gasoline engines, developing 2,740 horsepower. The power units will operate upon two electric motors generating 1,165 horsepower which will serve to drive the craft at eighteen miles per hour.

According to the architect’s plan, the water will be pumped through two intakes on either side of the fireboat by means of tour centrifugal pumps which will draw sixtyfour tons per minute and discharge it through any or all of twenty nozzles on the craft. In addition, the boat will carry four thousand pounds of fire foam, a chemical preparation used for combating oil and gasoline fires.

Gasoline consumption of the motors is estimated at fifty gallons per hour per engine or a total of 250 gallons per hour for the battery of five power units. The fuel will be carried in two tanks, one forward and one aft, the pair having a capacity of 6,050 gallons. The tanks will be of a non-explosive type, protected by an aqua system with no air space above the gasoline level. In addition, the tanks will have baffle plates to resist or check the swashing of the fuel and the containers will be guarded by encasements, which, in turn, will be protected by a carbon dioxide fire-fighting system.

One auxiliary power boat, equipped with a fire pump of 150 gallons capacity for use in combating fire under piers and wharves will be carried aboard the craft.

A special arrangement of reversible fans aboard the craft will enable suction of fresh air into the crews’ quarters or expulsion of air out of the interior so that fire and smoke will not be drawn into the boat. Other features will _____e steam heat aboard, generated by fuel oil burning boilers, lighting supplied by connections at the docks, and magnetic clutches between the engines and pumps so that the same power units can be used for simultaneously propelling the craft and forcing the water through the nozzles.

The boat will also be equipped with wireless telephone and telegraph, and a receiving and sending set to keep in constant communication with the municipal broadcasting station, WNYC.

J. A. Tracy, Former Iowa Marshal, Dead—J. A. Tracy, former state fire marshal of Iowa for many years, died at his home in Des Moines. He was former president of the National Association of Fire Marshals. Since his retirement as fire marshal he has been serving in the State Department of Justice.

New Pumper Delivered to Pasadena Fire Department An American-La France 750-gallon pumper fitted with an 80-gallon booster tank has been delivered to Pasadena, Cal. The apparatus is steered from the left instead of the customary right hand side in order to facilitate control in passing other cars. It has four-wheel brakes capable of stopping the machine when fully loaded and traveling at a speed of twenty miles an hour, within twenty-two feet. The cooling water of the engine is in turn cooled by the water taken in on the suction side of tne pump. The cooling water keeps on circulating.

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