New York Completes State Mutual Aid Plan

New York Completes State Mutual Aid Plan

The operation of mutual aid, a planned program encompassing the volunteer and paid fire departments of New York State, in a setup designed to bring assistance in the event of fire or disaster to any stricken area, is presented in a new book issued by the Division of Safety, State of New York. Entitled “Guide to Fire Mobilization and Mutual Aid Plans in the State of New York,” the program was developed under the direction of the State Division of Safety and its Bureau of Fire Mobilization.

New York State’s 57 counties and the City of New York are included in the overall plan which also reaches across the international border into Canada and adjacent states including ten counties in Pennsylvania, four in New Jersey, five in Connecticut, two in Massachusetts, four in Vermont and one in Rhode Island.

In New York’s program a County Fire Coordinator, having called for fire mutual aid from his own county and adjoining counties, may request activation of the State Fire Mobilization and Mutual Aid Plan by contacting executives of the State Division of Safety. A schedule is included listing the men authorized to activate the state plan and their telephone number on a 24-hour basis. The State Fire Control Center office is located at 17 Elk Street, Albany, and has 24-hour telephone service available.

The Guide, said to be the first of its kind, may assist other states throughout the nation in the preparation of their plans, represents months of research at all municipal levels by the Division.

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