New York Demonstrates Fireboat

New York Demonstrates Fireboat

The “Fire Fighter,” latest addition to the fleet of New York City’s fireboats, was demonstrated before Commissioner John J. McElligott and members of the city, in a trial run up the Hudson River. The boat was dedicated by Mayor La Guardia at Mariner’s Harbor on August 26 and is to undergo some more tests before it is accepted by the city.

As the boat approached the George Washington Bridge, a number of fire streams were started, giving the boat the appearance of a floating fountain.

Fire Fighter Demonstrates its Power

The “Fire Fighter” is able to pump more than 20,000 gallons per minute at 150 pounds pressure. Power for propulsion is supplied by two sixteen-cylinder diesel engines built by the General Motors Corporation. The boat has a speed of from sixteen to seventeen knots. There is a fire tower which can be elevatd to a hight of fifty-five feet in thirty seconds. An air compressor operates four pavement breakers for cutting holes in concrete piers. The boat accommodates a crew of thirteen men.

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