New York Department Medal Awards

New York Department Medal Awards

The Board of Merit of the Fire Department has announced the award of medals for the year 1919, eight decorations being given for bravery, one for maintaining the best disciplined company, and a whole company honored with medals for efficiency. At a date to be announced later Mayor Hylan will pin the decorations on the following members of the department: The Bennett Medal: Fireman Timothy F. O’Leary, Engine 15. Hugh Bonner Medal: Fireman T. J. Fitzpatrick, Engine 224. Trevor-Warren Medal: Battalion Chief (Retired) Walter Jones, 2nd Battalion, now Chief of the New Rochelle Fire Department. Thomas A. Kenny Medal: Battalion Chief James Langan. Henri W. Van Henkelein Medal: Captain Leonard Gebhard, Engine 223. Brooklyn Citizen Medal: Captain R. H. Collins, Truck 109. Hurley Medal: Fireman T. P. Costigan, Truck 7. Thomas Crimmens Medal: Fireman Francis Parks, Truck 21. All of the above awards are for rescues made at great personal risk and peril. The rescue of Mrs. Catherine Callahan from a fifth story window at 247 Clinton street, on September 1 by former Battalion Chief Walter Jones (now Chief of New Rochelle, N. Y.) was one of the most daring ever made in the department and makes the chief a formidable contender for the Harry M. Archer Medal, awarded once in three years for the best rescue made during that period.

Captain Henry Sullivan, of Engine 17, was given the Stephenson Medal for the best disciplined company and Captain M. J. O’Donohue and the nineteen officers and men of Truck 10 will each receive the College Efficiency Medal for the best time made in evolutions in 1919. Captain O’Donohue and his company also received the College Efficiency Medals in 1916.


Beverly, Mass., has appointed a committee on plans and specifications for a new fire station.

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