New York Department Notes

New York Department Notes

Battalion Chief James T. Geatons of the 35th Batttlion, died April 1st. Chief Geatons had been identified with the Brooklyn department since 1889, practically all of his service having been in that section. He had been an acting deputy chief since 1912, and headed the present civil service list for deputy chief.

Captain John J. O’Connell, of Engine 18, has been promoted to battalion chief and assigned to the 3rd Battalion. Chief O’Connell entered the department in 1899, was promoted to lieutenant in 1906 and made captain in 1910. He has been an acting battalion chief for several years.

Battalion Chief Jos. O’Hanlon, who was recently promoted from 32 Engine and sent to the 51st Battalion as Chief, has been transferred back to the 2nd Battalion, where he spent most of his years as fireman, lieutenant and captain. Incidentally, Chief O’Hanlon is the youngest chief officer in the department, being only 35 years of age.

Engine 251 is in deep mourning for the six members of that Company who lost their lives as a result of the recent fire at Brooklyn Union Gas Works. Of the seven men of a platoon who responded with the first section to this alarm only the engineer survives. The Merchants Association of Wallabout Market will erect a tablet in the quarters of the Company to the memory of Captain Samuel Brown and the five firemen. Engine 251 is an important double company with a membership of four officers and 28 men.


Fig. 4—Siren with Projectors Removed to Show Automatic Brake
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