New York Firefighters Seek Expanded Medical Duties

The city of Lockport will ask the New York State Health Department this week to let city firefighters perform more emergency medical services on rescue calls, according to a report.

The move comes after the city abolished its ambulance service last September, according to a Buffalo News report (

Mayor Anne E. McCaffrey¬†said she will send a letter to Albany this week, asking for a permit for firefighters to be able to carry out certain measures that fall under the category of “Basic Life Support – First Response,” the report said.

The city surrendered its “certificate of need” last September when Twin City Ambulance Service was hired to perform rescue calls, which went along with the second batch of fire department layoffs in less than a year, cutting a total of 12 firefighter positions, according to the report.

The report said the fire department currently is authorized to have 34 firefighters, but only 32 are on the payroll now because of two retirements that haven’t been replaced.


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