New York Firemen to Get Increase

New York Firemen to Get Increase

By a majority of almost four to one, New York City, at last week’s election, approved the pay increase of firemen and policemen to $3,000 a year for first grade men. This means an increase of $500 a year and it will go into effect on the first of the year.

The referendum was authorized by the 1929 Legislature at the city’s request despite vigorous opposition of some who believed that the Board of Estimate should grant the increase on its own responsibility. The Citizens’ Union which was active in the opposition at Albany also opposed the proposal during the campaignon the ground that the city was “passing the buck,” to the voters.

Fire Commissioner Dorman was one of the many who urged the voters to vote “yes” on the question. In anticipation of a favorable response at the polls, the Board of Estimate some time ago inserted in the 1930 budget a $5,000,000 appropriation to provide for the salary increase.

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