New York Has First Gasolene and Oil Truck

New York Has First Gasolene and Oil Truck

What is said to be the first gasolene and oil supply truck to be used in conjunction with fire apparatus operating at fires in this country, if not in the world, was tested out in New York recently, where three such pieces as shown in the accompanying illustration were approved and accepted by the New York Fire Department. The new supply trucks, are the product of the Four Wheel Drive Auto Company of Clintonville, Wis. The tanks were made by the Davis Welding and Manufacturing Company of Cincinnati, Ohio.

With transmission centered in the middle of the truck chassis, the four wheels of new trucks are driven by shafts fore and aft and can attain a speed of twenty-five miles an hour. The tanks are of 900 gallons capacity each, 600 of which is for gasolene and 300 gallons for oil. Each wagon carries two dozen five gallon cans for conveying the supply to fire apparatus.

There are six outlets on the rear end of the truck, two from each of the three supply compartments making up the fourteen foot tank. Each of the compartments has a pressure pump and each truck carries sufficient hose to convey oil or “gas” to supply tanks or to apparatus in action at fires.

The trucks will be located in the same quarters now occupied by the coal fuel wagons and will respond on assignment outside the high pressure zones. The fire telegraph call will be the same as for the coal fuel wagons, excepting that the “gas” trucks will be identified by a terminal number. For instance, if coal fuel wagon No. 3 is wanted at box 235, the call will be 8—235—3-1 (8 is special for fuel) but if “gas” supply truck No. 3 is wanted at the same box, the call will be 8—235—3-2.

Gasoline and Oil Truck for New York Fire Department

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