New York Pension Law for Firemen.

New York Pension Law for Firemen.

A new Iowa law has just gone into effect, of which the Sioux City fire department has availed itself. The first installment of a pension will be ready next January. The act authorizes cities to levy a special tax not to exceed one-half of one mill annually for the benefit of the fund. The Sioux Ctiy board, which will have charge of the disbursement of the fund, is composed of George M. Kellogg, chief of the fire department; Ben J. Kloster, city treasurer, and Fred W. Sargent, city attorney. The board already has held a meeting and completed preliminary arrangements. Firemen who participate in the pension are charged an annual fee of $2. The law was passed largely through the efforts of Chief Kellogg and the assistant lire chief of Des Moines.

Any fireman who has reached the age of fiftyfive years and has had twenty years’ service in the department, the last five years of which are continuous, is eligible to retirement on half pay. Those who are injured permanently, menially or physically, while on duty, or who have contracted diseases in the discharge of their duty, arc also eligible to one-half their salary while hurt.

If the fireman is killed or dies of injuries while occupied in his duties, the widow is to be paid at the rate of $20 a month as long as she remains unmarried and is of good moral character. She is also to be paid $ii a month for minor children, until they attain the age of sixteen years.

A fireman who lias gone on the retired list at fifty-five years, if be is still in good health, may be assigned to light duty by the chief of the department, or called upon in case of emergency.

A fireman who has been retired for disability and afterwards recovers may be reinstated by the pension board and bis pension cut off, upon advice of a phvsician. The physician for the Sioux City department has not yet been selected.

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