New York Preparing for Emergencies

New York Preparing for Emergencies

Mayor LaGuardia of New York City has ordered an hour’s daily drill for every air warden in the city. The enrollment of air wardens began in June and 115,000 people signed up. Since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the enrolllment has risen by 50,000 more. The air raid wardens have been organized into zones with a population of 50,000; sectors with a population of 5,000 and posts with a population of 500.

Each zone needs three zone wardens; each sector needs six sector wardens and each post also needs six post wardens. The wardens have been instructed in their duties by the Police Department and must know every building on their posts together with the water and gas mains, the police call boxes, the fire alarms and other vital points.

Since the organization of the auxiliary fire corps last July, 25,000 men have been trained by the Fire Department to fight fires, and 36,000 are now receiving instruction.

A flexible arrangement has been worked out with towns and cities within a fifty-mile radius of New York, under which apparatus can be rushed from the city to its neighbors or vice versa as conditions might make desirable.

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