New York Short of Hydrants

New York Short of Hydrants

Certain areas in the mid-town section of New York city are not protected with the proper number of hydrants according to a report issued by the New York Board of Fire Underwriters. In some sections only a 6-inch main is used, and while the maps in the office of the Department of Water Supply show a certain number of hydrants, when conditions were checked up in the field, it was discovered that some of the hydrants had been removed on account of construction work and had never been replaced. Maps showed a number of hydrants in the area about Grand Central station which could not be located.

Kingsley, la., to Purchase Equipment—Kingsley, Ia., will purchase new fire apparatus.

Survey Being Made of N. Adams, Mass.—Chief Saulnier of North Adams, Mass., is making a survey of the fire hydrant, and he is considering plans for better fire protection.

Boston, Mass., May Erect New Station—Plans are being considered in Boston, Mass., for the erection of a new fire station to cost about $100,000. Chief Scnnot is actively engaged in the materialization of the new plans.

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