New York State Chiefs Hold Record 71st Conference

New York State Chiefs Hold Record 71st Conference

One of the two vast exhibit halls used to house exhibition in 194 booths and 105 apparatus spaces at New York State Chiefs conference

photos by Herbert J. Thomas

John DeJong, National Fire and Research Office.Newly elected officers (left to right): First Vice President George MacPeek, President Francis Quinlan, Second Vice President Charles Houper.

Master planning, community fire education and the handling of LP gas fires were among the many topics covered at the 71st annual conference of the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs which was held at the renowned Concord Hotel in Lake Kiamesha, N. Y., on June 19-23. With more than 7000 people present this conference broke all records for attendance.of chiefs, wives, friends and exhibitor personnel. Two vast tennis court buildings were required to hold the 191 exhibitors, in 194 booths and 105 apparatus spaces.

Keynote speaker was Dr. John W. Demidovich of the Air Force Institute of Technology, Dayton, Ohio, who stressed the “need for creativity in the fire service” as opposed to adhering to traditional ways. Chief John DeJong of the Bancroft, Colo., Fire Department, who is on leave and working for the National Fire Research Office discussed the NFPCA Master Planning System. DeJong noted that the master plan provides an organized approach to “defining, obtaining and maintaining the level of fire protection and the fire prevention and control system desired by the community.”

Elected to the association’s offices were: president, Chief Francis Quinlan, Cortland Fire Department; first vice president, George MacPeek, Lancaster, and second vice president, Chief Charles Houper, Corning Fire Department.

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