The twenty-fifth annual convention of the New York State Firemen’s Association met in the Van Curler Opera house. Schenectady, N.Y., on the morning of August 17. Over 500 delegates were in attendance—an unusually large number for the first day. Rev. John Reilly opened the proceedings with prayer. The addresses of welcome were made by Mayor Clute, Messrs. Austin A. Yates and Daniel Naylor. The speeches in reply were by J.F. Schlosser, of Fishkill Landing, president of the association; Major I. B. Haggerty, treasurer of the State Firemen’s Home, and Col. J. E. Rogers, of Hudson.

Statistician W. E. Churchill read his annual report. He gave a careful comparison of the fire losses during the past two or three years, which showed a falling off. He attributed this to the improvement in the fire service as well as the improved protection in all branches of the service.

The first paper was read by J. F. ‘Pucker, of Newburgh. The subject assigned was: “As the first duty of a fireman is to save life, would it not be advisable to organize a special corps in each department for that service ? ” The paper was an exhaustive one and arorsed considerable enthusiasm, Mr. Tucker’s views, that such a step was entirely feasible and advisable, meeting with the approval of the convention.

Peter J. Mitchell,of Yonkers; next read a paper on: “Should not a member of a fire company be required to do a certain amount of fire duty to be entitled to exemption from jury duty and an exempt certificate?” The question was thoroughly discussed by the convention.

The next topic taken up was: “Should not the office of State fire marshal be created by the legislature?” The paper, prepared by J. T. Stannard, of Castile, was read by W. E. Churchill in the former’s absence. This was also discussed.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Thomas O’Connor, Waterford; first vice-president, Daniel Naylor, jr., Schenectady; second vice president, W. E. Colgrove, Horseheads; secretary, Thomas Hanahan, Frankfort; treasurer, George H. Scott, Coxsackie;statistician, W. E. Churchill. Weedsport; trustees of Firemen’s Home, George W. Anderson. New York. John Courtney, Brooklyn. John F. Schlosser, Fishkill.

Binghamton was chosen as the next place of meeting.

The delegates were banqueted by the citizens and firemen of the city, followed by a filibuster parade, given by the local firemen and the civil and military organizations of Schenectady.

The usual parade and tournament, with a display of fire works formed the concluding features of the gathering.

Insurance Commissioner Dearth, of Minnesota, very much deplores the fact that the last State legislature did not see fit to pass the bill creating the office of fire marshal. If such a law were in force, he believes that it would result in a decrease of from twenty-five to fifty per cent, in the annual fire loss of the State.



[From Our Own Correspondent.]

CORTLAND, August 25.—Thursday, the third day of the convention, opened in a most promising way for the delegates, the weather being bright and cool. The town was full of life, with parading bands and visiting companies arriving by every train. The Brooklyn contingent arrived at noon, after a very tedious ride via Canastota, and were somewhat tired, but they made a good display in the match through the town. The New York veterans arrived first, and were escorted to the rink, where the apparatus was housed, followed by a large crowd of enthusiastic people.


The business of the convention was continued in the opera house. The committee appointed to Investigate and report upon the discrepancies in the accounts of F. M. Baker, late secretary of the association, reported that the accounts weie correct. A resolution was adopted complimenting Mr. Baker on the clear and business-like manner in which he kept his books, and declaring that he stood before the association without blot or stain.

The committee on nomination reported the following :

Vice-Presidents—W. II. Smith, Kingston ; J, H. Lloyd, Troy; C. H. Rogers, Hudson; P. E. Nellis, Newaik ; G. W. Aldridge Rochester ; G. H. Scott, Coxsackie ; L. D. Voltz, Buffalo; Peter Masterson, New York ; F. B. Merrill, Canandaigua ; John Winning, Fort Plain. Executive Committee—L. J. Fitzgerald, Cortland ; O. S. Ingram, Troy; F. B. Hull, Fort Plain ; J. B. Gardner, Waterloo ; W. E. Cunningham, Oneonta. National Representative — Thomas Honohan, Frankfort.

The repon was adopted.

W. E. Churchill of Mohawk was elected statistician.

W. Cunningham read a paper on “ The benefits to be derived from a membership of the Stale Firemen’s Association.” This was followed by the reading by T. J. Armstrong of a paper on ” A new law for the incorporation of fire companies.” written by Chief Morris E. Lee of Cape Vincent.

The following committees were appointed :

Committee on Topics—M. F. Cleary, Cortland; M. J. Miller, Oneonta; C. P. Lampman, St. Johnsville ; Samuel E. Mcader, Oneida ; William Granger, Hudson; B. F. Miller, Hudson ; W. H. Cole, Watertown ; B. H. Welton, Brainbridge ; Samuel Keltner, Brockport. Committee on Exhibits—M. J. Canbery, Cohoes ; William C. Pierson, Catskill ; J. S. Nosser, Greene; Albert Geiger. Hudson ; William P. Dalev, Schenectady ; G. J. Pierson, Walton; S. E. Scranton, Hamilton ; C. A. Halstead, Flatbush ; A. Ganjurst, Yonkers; L. A. Bianeard, Cooperstown. Law Committee—Joseph E. Eggleston. Cortland; Howard Pulman, Amsterdam ; Bradford Almy, Ithaca; W. L. Pattison, Plattsburgh ; J. W. Palmer, Cobleskill. Legislative Committee—W. F. Holroyd, Watcrfotd; Lyman P. Wood, Green Island ; Alex. Wilsie, Catskill ; John F. Finn, Brooklyn ; L. W. Clark, Bay Ridge.

The following gentlemen were then elected life members of the convention : M. F. Cleary, J. E. Eggleston. P. C. Nellis, D. E. Engel, T. F. Archer, F. S. Hodge, John W. Hawyer, John Hanford, Neal Morris, John Winning, J. L. McCarty, E. W. Knaw, R. F. Van Nostrand, S. E. Scranton, Jr.

The president slated that, owing to the deficiency of $450 in the accounts, there was $57 short of the amount required to balance the current year’s expenses. This should be settled at this convention. Several delegates spoke on the subject, and a motion to assess each company represented in the association $1 was rejected, and an amendment levying the assessment on life members was adopted.

The following resolutions were introduced by Mr. Honohan of Frankfort, and were unamiously adopted ;

Whereas, The sixteenth annual convention of the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York, convened in the city of Cortland, August 21, 1888, pursuant to resolution passed to that effect at the Troy session, and this convention in the number of its delegates has rarely if ever been equaled by any former meeting, either in ability, character, intelligence or dispatch of business. And,

Whereas, The unflagging interest in the yearly convention, bringing together, as it does, reprrsentative firemen from all parts of our State, to discuss and more efficiently promote our fire service, is but an evidence that the founders and promoters of this organization “ builded better than they knew.” Therefore, be it

Resolved, That this organization is in honor bound to use and exert such legitimate means and influences as to better educate and diffuse a knowledge of the duties incidental to our purpose, individually or collectively, by legislation or otherwise, that we may be accorded an educational factor in our calling second to none.

Also resolutions of thanks to the Rev. J. L. Robertson, for the opening prayer; to Joseph Eggleston of Cortland, for his address of welcome ; to T. J. Armstrong, the retiring president ; to George W. Irish for his services ; to the citizens committee, and the officers of the Cortland Fire Depariment. The convention then adjourned sine die.


The races and events for prizes drew a large crowd to the Fair Grounds, about one mile from the town. The results are as follows: Tiger Hose Company of Long Island City, 55^ seconds ; Falkir Hose Company of Amsterdam, 49J4 ; D. E. Dunn Running Te rn of Fort Plain, 50^ ; Forbes Hose Company of Canastota, 45^ ; Natick Hose Company of Natick, Mass., 46^ ; Nester Hose Company of Geneva, 51 ; Rescue Hook and Ladder Company of Walton, 45^ ; Neptune Hose Company of Gloversville, 46 ; Alfred Leroy Hose Company of Cohoes, 45^ ; Winning Hose Company of Fort Plain, 50X ; Warner Hose Company of Oneida, 52j£.

The three teams lied for first place at 45^ seconds ran in the following order: Forbes Hose, Canastota, 44seconds ; Rescue of Walton, 43^ seconds ; Alfred Leroy of Cohoes, 42^ seconds. They received the three first prizes, respectively, $250, Si50 and |ioo. The Neptunes of Gloversville drew fourth prize, a silver trumpet, and the Falkirs of Amsteidam fifth, a Portland cutter. The Naticks of Natick, Mass., were ruled out of both races on account of being professionals.

In the hook and ladder lace ihe following started : Rescue Hook and Ladder Company of Walton, 56 seconds; C. H. Smyth Hook and Ladder Company of Clinton, 60; Natick Hook and Ladder Company of Natick, Mass., 51. Two prizes of fhoo and S50 were awarded the winners.


On Friday the concluding events were witnessed by Governor Hill and staff. The prize drill was contested by the Citizens Hose of Clean, N. Y.; the Ellsworths of Penn Yan, and the Brantfords of Brantford, Ont. The prizes were: First, $250; second, $150; won by the Ellsworths and Brantfords respectively.

The hand-engine contest resulted in a second year’s championship for the Exempts of Brooklyn, E. D., who drew the first prize, $100 in gold, for a stream 167 feet and 8 inches. The Protection of Long Island City drew second prize, of $50, for a stream of 132 feet. The Mohawk Chief and other companies declined to compete against the Brooklyn Exempts.

The street parade was a great success both in point of numbers and discipline. There were forty-four companies and sixteen bands in the procession, and the marching elicited continuous cheers from the great throng present. It is beyond dispute that for intelligence, and the interest manifested throughout the proceedings, the sixteenth annual convention will take precedence of any of those which have yet been held by the association.


Most of the exhibits expected failed to arrive owing, as the committee reported, to the difficulty of transportation. A large number of manufacturers wrote stating their intention to send specimens of their wares, but the only display which the FIRE AND WATER representative saw was that of Charles D. Holloway of Baltimore, who had some of his celebrated fire extinguishers on hand ; of Braxmir, the badgeman, of New York, as mentioned in a previous letter, and the manufacturer of badges, S. J. Fuhrman of Scranton, Pa., who showed a large and varied supply of ribbon badges, and who did a large business during the days of the convention. The Fabric Fire Hose Company was represented by Mr. Raymond, and the Gutta Percha Rubber Company by its agent. F. W. S.