New York State Volunteers Meet

New York State Volunteers Meet

The fifty-third annual convention of the New York State Volunteer Firemen’s Association was held at Mamaroneck, N. Y., on August 17 to 21. There were about 600 delegates present and some 400 members of the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the association, in attendance at their convention held at the same time. The officers of the association in attendance were as follows: President John C. Hottingcr of Buffalo, Secretary Fred A. Davis of Fort Edward, First and Second Vice Presidents William J. Coleman of Potsdam and Charles D. Cass of Ithaca, Treasurer William H. Swartwout of Brooklyn, Michael J. Daley of Mechanicville, member of the Executive Committee, and George W. Eggleston, superintendent of the State Fireman’s Home at Hudson.

The chairmen in charge of the committees in charge of convention arrangements were: General Convention Arrangements, ex-Chief John H. Wendleken; Entertainment, Dennis O’Conner; Arrangements, Robert H. Carpenter; Finance, Dr. Jorn H. Sloane; Housing, Robert J. H. Lemon; Parade, ex-Chief Ray Baxter; Decorating, William F. Anthes; Refreshments, Richard Greinger; Music, ex-Chief Henry Detlcff; Advertising, Andrew Ganini: Publicity. Wiliam G. Buckhout; Official Publications, ex-Chief George Wolf.

The business sessions of the convention were well attended. The list of officers elected is as follows: John C. Hottinger, Buffalo, re-elected president; William J. Coleman, Freeport, L. I., vice-president; William H. Swartout, Ossining, reelected treasurer; Fred A. Davis. Fort Edward, re-elected secretary: George P. Schnellcr of Elmhurst, a five-year delegate to the executive committee and James L. Murphy, Ithaca. Joseph Sullivan, Corona, and Robert J. Hare of Watertown, to succeed themselves on the committee.

It was decided to hold the convention next year at Alexandria Bay. A memorial service for those who had passed away during the year was held on August 19.

A dinner was served to about 1,000 delegates and officials the afternoon of August 19 at Harbor Island Park by the Village of Mamaroneck and the general committee of the Mamaroneck fire department, and in the evening there was a fireworks display and a hand concert.

The parade, which was a huge affair, estimated to be about four miles in length took place on August 20. There were games and contests on the morning and afternoon of August 21. Some sixty silver cups and a number of prizes were given to visiting firemen and contestants in the games.

The Ladies Auxiliary enjoyed on August 19, an outing at Roton Point that was attended by several hundred. The program included a chicken dinner, swimming at Rye and Oakland Beach and a concert of band music at Harbor Island in the evening.

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