New York stresses safety—strenuously

New York stresses safety—strenuously



The New York City Buildings Department is cracking down on owners and managers of commercial properties who are not in compliance with safety laws.

The crackdowns began in April when, for the first time, the agency used the police department to bring in people who have ignored repeated warnings. At presstime, 23 people were arrested.

Violators face fines of up to $5000 and jail terms of up to six months, although jail sentences in cases involving building safety violations are rare, according to Robert Esnard, New York City’sbuildings commissioner.

Local Law 41 requires sprinklers, fire alarms and emergency lighting. Local Law 5 covers buildings taller than 100 feet and requires elevators that automatically descend to the first floor in case of fire, twoway communication systems, and fire alarms. Local Law 10 requires inspections and repair of building facades.

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