Newark Fire Bureau to Lose Capt. Gasser

Newark Fire Bureau to Lose Capt. Gasser

The bureau of combustibles and fire risks of Newark, N. J., is to lose Capt. C. Albert Gasser, who has been at his head since 1907, he having been appointed by the board of managers of the Kearny Home for Disabled Soldiers as superintendent of the institution, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of the present superintendent. Capt. Gasser will assume his new duties on May

Capt. C. Albert Gasser, Newark, N. J.

Capt. Gasser was born in Newark, March 31, 1873. He was graduated from the primary, grammar and high schools of the city and began his business life as an office boy in the Sunday Call office, learning the printing trade with that newspaper. After this he served with tlie Newark Journal, and the Newark Daily Advertiser, going through all the grades from reporter to managing editor. This position he relinquished in 1903 to become private secretary of Mayor Doremus, with whom he was associated for four years. In 1916 Capt. Gasser passed an examination for deputy chief at the fire prevention bureau of New York City, finishing first among sixty-eight who took the test. He, however, declined the appointment to the office.

Capt. Gasser has been very active in fire prevention work and his exhibits of fire hazards in connection with Fire Prevention Week in Newark, have been copied all over the country, especially his store-window displays. He has written many articles on the subject for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. Capt. Gasser received his title from the National Guard of the state of New Jersey, he having been commissioned captain of Company K of the first regiment, In referring to the bureau’s loss in the resignation of Captain Gasser, Director Brennan of the department of public safety said: “Captain Gasser is a 100 per cent, official, never had to waste a moment with him. I am exceedingly sorry to hear that he is to take a new position The city loses one of its most efficient employees.”

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