Newark Installs Four-Digit Fire Alarm

Newark Installs Four-Digit Fire Alarm


Steady growth of the Newark, N. J., fire alarm system has necessitated the establishment of a “four number box.” The first of this class to be put in service there is known as station 2124 and is located at Dayton and Foster streets. The official order establishing this box was promulgated last week by Fire Chief Paul J. Moore. In adding new boxes to the system it naturally became necessary to give higher numbers in each unit zone. For example, the numbers beginning with five reached 599 and had to stop there. This is the only unit that has reached the limit and it probably will be the only one.

Objection has been made by company commanders that some of the high number calls take a long time to sound on the telegraph. To sound box 669, for instance, the gong rings twenty-four times before the first round of the number is complete. And to complete the four rounds the gong rings ninety-six times.

Boxes of the four-number class, however, can IKsounded with far fewer taps of the gong. Station 2124 can be sounded once with but nine taps of the bell, and all four times with but thirty-six rings. An effort will be made to have all the new boxes of the four-number variety.

Other new stations established by the general orders which went into effect are box 369, in South Canal street, just below Lawrence street, and box 789, at Warren and Nuttman streets.

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