Asst. Engineer John B. Thorn rescued a boy from a burning building, on Market street, last week. The little fellow was unconscious at the time,and had on only a night-gown. Thorn took his undershirt off and wrapped the boy up in it.

The Firemen’s Monument Association is progressing very finely. Ex-Chief Wm II, Brown is President, and I’rank J. Meeker, Secretary, It is the opinion of all that, with united action and perseverance, this laudable object can be accomplished. Every exempt and active F’ireman should give the Association their aid.

Chief Benedict had a very narrow escape from being seriously hurt while proceeding to an alarm from box 73. One wheel of his gig suddenly sank into a deep rut in the street, which threw him out, but he was only slightly injured.

The members of Engine No. 10 do not seem to get aloug very well. The F’ire Commissioners have had them in charge for the past two weeks.

Engine Company No. 4, of Newark, recently celebrated their 13th anniversary, and a right jolly good time was had. Chief Engineer Benedict, cx-Alderman Thorp, Col. Allen, and about a dozen other guests were present,

A new steamer is being built at Newark, N. J., for the city of Burlington, N. J. It is similar in style to that of the Dennisson build. It is to to be encased in heavy silver plating and brass dome.

The Firemen had one or two runs during the past week, but no fires of any account. ^

F rank Tuite and David H, Garrison are spo. ken of for Chief Engineer.

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