Newark’s Water Service.

Newark’s Water Service.

President Smith, at the last meeting of the street and water commissioners Newark, N. J., presented the annual report of the committee on department of water. Owing to the changing of the fiscal year’s closing date, from November 30 to December 31, the report covers thirteen months. Superintendent Marsh’s statements of the pumping station covers the old and the new fiscal years. The total quantity of water pumped at the Belleville station during the old fiscal year was 6,143,511,920 gallons, an increase of 571,681,144 gallons over last year. The highest daily average for the year was 22,247,474 gallons in August, an increase of 1,856 834 gallons. The lowest average was 13,650,500 gallons in February, an increase of 1,075,667 gallons. The average daily pumping for the year was 16,831,540, an increase of 1,566,250. The amount of coal consumed was over 9393 tons.

The total quantity of water pumped at the high service pumping station, at Clifton avenue, during the old fiscal year was 2,144,909,462 gallons, an .‘increase over last year of 119,482,146 gallons. The highest daily average was in July, 7,592,024 gallons, and the lowest in February, 4,936,046 gallons. The average daily pumping was 5,876,464 gallons, and the amount of coal consumed 6,263 352 pounds, or over 2796 tons. At the Belleville station 6,126,529,392 gallons were pumped in the new fiscal year, the highest average, 22,247,474 gallons, being in August, and the lowest, 13,650,500 gallons, in February. Over 9345 tons of coal were consumed.

At the high service station during the new fiscal year 2,130,512.172 gallons were pumped, the highest daily average being 7,592.024 gallons in July, and the lowest 4,736,689 gallons, in December. Coal consumed was over 2760 tons. The pumping record for the thirteen months is : Belleville, 6,574,756,960 gallons ; Clifton avenue, 2,291,752.418 gallons.

Chief Engineer 11. II. Burritt of the Belleville department, reported that the capacity of the works were overtaxed, but that everything ran smoothly and efficiently. At the Clifton avenue station no accident of any kind has happened. The pump and supply mains have needed no repairing of any kind during the past thirteen months.

The amount of pipe laid in this time has been 52,673 feet, or over nine miles. Seventy-two hydrants were set, making the total number now in operation 1593. The total number of taps made were 1742. In 1890 July was the month of highest consumption, and in 1891 August. The highest consumption was in June, July, August and September. There have been only three sales of real estate.

No steps have been taken tc provide for adequate storage to meet the exigencies that may arise from the new water supply. As there is only one conduit to conduct the Pequannock water to Newark, the pumping stations will have to be kept in working order.

HUMANITY’S FUTURE ON Earth.-The passing away of the human race is made certain by the signs of the sun’s approaching extinction. Referring to Prof. Langley’s researches on the loss of solar heat, Sir Robert Ball says that the greatest amount of heat the sun can ever have contained would supply its radiation for 18,000,000 years at the present rate. It seems that the sun has already dissipated about four-fifths of its original energy, and that it may hold out for 4,000,000 or 5,000,000 years more, but not for 10,000,000 years. No possible source of heat seems to be available for replenishing the waning stores. The heat may have been originally imparted to the sun as the result of some great collision between two bodies which were both dark before, so that, in fact, the two dark bodies coalesced into a vast nebula, from which the whole of our system was evolved. That the sun may be reinvigorated by a repetition of a similar startling process is, of course, always conceivable, but so terrific a convulsion would be fatal to all life in the solar system. From no source does it seem possible to discover any rescue from the inevitable end. The race is as mortal as the individual.

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