Company School Drill as Practiced in the Virginia City—Thorough Instruction for the Men in All Varieties of Fire-Fighting

IN sending the illustrations herewith to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, showing the men of the fire department at drill, Chief J. B. Gordon, Division of Fire, Newport News, Va., writes:

“The men of this division are in the fire school with heart and soul and do their utmost to become perfect in the methods used to extinguish fires. At the present time we use a four-story building where the scaling ladders and rope-sliding maneuvers arc being taught. The operations of carrying the hose from one story to another are also carried out on this building. In using the life net we utilize the second story of the engine house.

I am sending you herewith the different drills and evolutions that the men go through in the fire school. They are as follows:

  1. Scaling ladder drill.
  2. Knot tying and the proper use of tools and appliances.
  3. Hoist iine of hose to roof and make fast at cornice and around chimney with approved knots.
  4. Replace burst length between second floor and roof with new length.
  5. Hoist 30-ft. ladder to roof and lower same in the proper manner.
  6. Raise and lower 30-ft. ladder.
  7. Raise and operate aerial ladder, stretch lines and place in position to operate through second floor window.
  8. Stretch lines and operate Baker Cellar Pipe and Bresnan Distributor.
  9. Stretch lines and place Deluge Set in operation.
  10. Holding and jumping into life-net.
  11. Slide down life-line, bring man down on life-line and lower man on life-line.
  12. First aid and rescuing people from burning buildings.
  13. Stretch 3-inch line to “Y” and lead out 21/2 inch lead lines.
  14. Stretch 3-inch line to 2-way gate and lead out 21/2-inch lead lines that can be controlled independently.
  15. Stretch 2 21/2 inch lines to Siamese and lead out 3 inch lines.
  16. Make proper connections to relay water from one engine to another.
  17. Make connection to hydrant so that an engine coming in later can pump through the line without shutting off the water.
Life Net Drill by Newport News Firemen—Before and After the Jump

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