Few large fires are to be reported from this city, and even the small ones are somewhat scarce. Two, one in a shoe factory the other in a gas plant, threatened to take on large dimensions; but good work of the department, directed by Chief Dunlevy, prevented a big loss. The shoe factory loss was from $9,000 to $10,000; that in the gas plant, $1,000. The fire in the shoe factory was a mysterious one. The plant is in the hands of a receiver or will be and was shut down at the time of the blaze. It has a look of incendiarism. The gas plant fire was caused by dumping hot coke in a wooden bin—a somewhat foolish proceeding.—In Evansville there are being built three new hose wagons—this, from reasons of economy and for easiness of repairs. They will be equiped with all the latest appliances. Two take the place of two spindlewheel reels, and one is for the new enginehouse No. 5, which is now being built at last and will be a. modern up-to-date double house. It takes the number of a firehouse abandoned years ago, and will keep the numbers in regular order.-— At the last meeting of the city council one of the members brought up the question of an increase in the salaries of the firemen. This matter comes up every couple of months and that’s about the end of it. The firemen say, however, that, as the question comes up so often, perhaps, some day it may materialise into the real thing. This time the reason given was because the cost of living had advanced so much during the” late few years.—Several members of the City waterworks department attended the convention at Toronto, Can., last week. They want to get points in regard to a filtration plant—one of the main things to which the city will attend, as soon as the intake pipe can be completed. That will not be till the Ohio river takes a big tumble down to about 4 or 6 ft., which, at the present stage of water, will be a long time as the gauge now registers over 30 ft. J. D.

At Baltimore. Md., on July 4 a lighted balloon on the roof of a house, 802 Dumbarton avenue, set fire to the building and caused a loss of $600. It was a frame structure.

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