News of the Manufacturers

News of the Manufacturers

Quaker-Pioneer Merge Operations

The West Coast operations of Quaker Rubber Corporation and its recent acquisition, Pioneer Rubber Mills, Pittsburg, California, will be merged at once under the name Quaker Pioneer Rubber Mills, Division of H. K. Porter Company, Inc., according to an announcement by G. A. Dauphinais, Vice-President and General Manager.

Quaker Pioneer Rubber Mills will handle all the sales, manufacturing, and service operations of both companies in ten Western states. The Pioneer and Quaker sales organizations will be combined in the East and operated under the Quaker Rubber Corporation.

Portable 1000-Gallon Reservoir

Though on the market for but a comparatively short time, the new portable, 1000-gallon Fol-Da-Tank water reservoir is gaining acceptance in rural fire districts where water supply is a problem.

The tank was designed to meet the hard usage fire fighting equipment is called upon to give. The frame of 3/4inch welded steel tubing is so constructed as to fold to the compact overall dimensions of 10 inches by 30 inches by 99 inches. The liner (or tank) is of bo. 10, 3-roll waterproof treated duck with treated seams. Tank is laced to frame for removal and cleaning. The entire unit weighs 119 pounds.

The manufacturer states that two men can have it off the truck and pumping water into it in less than 60 seconds; also that one man working alone can manage to set it up in but little over that time.

One of the features of the tank is its spillway which empties the tank in less than one minute. This is accomplished by pulling a draw cord which lowers a sizable portion of one side of the tank.

Probably the most important use of the tank is that of a portable, auxiliary water supply which releases the tanker to transport more water as long as the need exists. The pumper or portable auxiliary pump draws water direct from the tank, which may also provide standby protection in cases where fire is a temporary but constant threat as at carnivals, fairs, and the burning of waste farm products such as cobs.

Additional information on these tanks may be secured from Fol-Da-Tank Company, Box 361, Rock Island, Ill.

Jack Little General Manager of Samuel Eastman Co.

George E. Robinson, president of Samuel Eastman Co., Inc., Concord, N. H., has announced the appointment of Jack Little as general manager of this one-hundred-year-old firm. Mr. Little has had wide experience in the fabrication and sale of brass and brass goods with major manufacturers.

New Pressurized Dry Chemical Extinguisher

The Fyr-Fyter Company of Dayton, Ohio, recently announced a new S-pound pressurized dry chemical fire extinguisher. It is designed for quick, easy, one-hand operation. The dry chemical is completely discharged in less than 12 seconds by pressurized air or nitrogen. A specially designed angular diffuser nozzle spreads the chemical in a flat, 10 to 12 foot long, and 60° wide angle stream.

The entire valve assembly and pick-up tube of the extinguisher unscrew as a unit from the shell to simplify inspection, cleaning and recharging. The large valve unit opening in the dome also serves as the “filler” opening. A specially designed tapered shut-off pin and tapered seat are lined with hard rubber to make a leak-proof valve mechanism that holds the air or nitrogen pressure charge. A visual gage shows pressure condition.

Flomax Portable Pump

Marine Products Company of Detroit recently announced the introduction of its new Flomax 10 self-priming centrifugal pump. The pump is rated with maximum capacity of 10,980 gallons per hour. The iron unit, powered by a Wisconsin AKN engine and mounted in a special protective carrying frame, weighs 151 lbs.

The manufacturer states that the Flomax 10 utilizes a new type of super-hard mechanical seal requiring no maintenance. The pump is said to incorporate the “open-adaptor” construction found in all Marine Products portable pumps. This construction provides readily visual inspection, ample free working space, and protection to the engine from stray pumpage.

New Flomax portable pump.

The Flomax 10 is available in castiron construction for erosion resistance, and all-bronze construction for corrosion resistance.

Detailed specifications may be obtained by writing the Marine Products Company, 515 Lycaste Avenue, Detroit 14, Michigan.

Disaster Equipment

“Disaster,” a new booklet designed to assist industrial plants in choosing safety and rescue equipment for use in emergencies has just been published by Mine Safety Appliances Company of Pittsburgh, Pa.

While the booklet makes no attempt to outline the organization of a disastercontrol plan, it does assume the existence of groups or teams within a plant whose job it is to effect rescue and recovery operations in case of tornados, fires, explosions, or other types of emergencies. It is published to show just what items of equipment are needed by these teams.

Setting up Fol-Da-Tank.Fol-Da-Tank in use.

Separated into five sections, the MSA booklet discusses the equipment needs of a rescue team, an engineering team, and a medical team, and contains a tableof-equipment check-chart for quick reference. It also has a catalog description and picture of each item recommended.

Copies of the booklet, Number 5000-4, can be obtained from Mine Safety Appliances Company, 201 North Braddock Avenue, Pittsburgh 8, Pa.

Fyr-Fyter Acquires Superior American Fire Alarm

William M. Wetzel, Chairman of the Board of The Fyr-Fyter Company, Dayton, Ohio, manufacturers and distributors of fire extinguishers, nozzles, hose couplings and other products in the fire protection field, announced the purchase as of August 31, of the inventories, dies, tools, trade names, copyrights, etc., of the SAFA (Superior American Fire Alarm) Division of the Revere Corporation of America, Meriden, Connecticut. This acquisition is in line with the policy. of the Fyr-Fyter Company to continue to broaden its sphere of operation in the fire protection field.

Facilities are being established in Wooster, Ohio, for the manufacture and distribution of the municipal fire alarm and central station equipment, this business to be operated as a division of the Fyr-Fyter Company. The plan is to develop and broaden the division’s activity in the alarm and related markets. James J. Dunleavy, Vice President of The FyrFyter Company, in addition to his duties as General Manager of Fyr-Fyter’s Wooster Brass Division, will assume executive control of the new SAFA division with Hugh Smith functioning as General Manager.

Mr. Wetzel stated that Fyr-Fyter’s volume for the year to date is in excess of its sales for the previous year and that the addition of this division into the Fyr-Fyter organization will further strengthen its position in the fire protection industry.

Harry S. Samuels, 19 W. 44th St., New York City, was the broker in the transaction.

New Burn Spray Packet

Medical Supply Company announces a new way in which one can economically combine the burn spray first aid requirements with the standard unit type first aid kits.

Medical Supply Company, of Rockford, Ill. is offering a practical and efficient burn spray first aid packet, containing a spray gun and ten 2/5 ounce refill cartridges containing the burn first aid solution. These packets will fit into any size unit type first aid kit, requiring six unit spaces. Also, it may be used as an individual unit in itself, for which a special carrying case has been designed.

The spray gun is ready for operation merely by loosening the bottom cap, inserting a pressure cartridge, tightening the cap, and pressing the trigger. The spray gun is molded to fit the hand for ease of operation, it is permanent equipment. and refill cartridges may be obtained to keep the packet complete at all times. Each 2/5 ounce cartridge will afford coverage for approximately 144 square inches of burned area.

This new spray packet is sanitary to use, easy to operate, in addition to being fast and painless in its method of sprav application. It is available with either Americaine or Kip Antiseptic Oil. Medical Supply Company laboratory facilities are available to determine the adaptability of other burn first aid solutions to this unique spray dispenser.

Versa-Power Fire Fighting Unit

A new portable fire-fighting unit, combining fire-extinguishing and production of electric power, was recently announced by the National Alarms Corporation, Lafayette, Louisiana.

Named Versa-Power, this multi-purpose unit is powered by a 3,500-watt, A. C. Onan electric generating plant. This gasoline-engine-driven generator is the “heart” of the apparatus, providing power for the pressure pump and floodlights, and also serves as a source of portable or emergency electricity for communications, electric tools, etc.

Versa-Power utilizes Unox wetting agent which multiplies the effectiveness of the water as a fire extinguishing medium.

The makers state that Versa-Power is ideal for such applications as civil defense where both auxiliary fire-fighting equipment and emergency electric plants are priority items; for municioalities and villages where because of its portability and small size it can be used in various departments; for railroads where “VP” units can be mounted on a rail car and easily taken to the site of any trestle fire or similar emergency.

Versa-Power fire fighting unit.

New Hose Catalog

A new catalog in color, covering the Boston line of industrial fire hose and fittings, has been announced by the Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Company.

The new hose catalog was designed to include construction details and illustrations of the complete line of fire and suction hose, extinguisher tubing, and fire hose couplings. The eight-page folder lists specifications for each type of hose as to size, weight, construction, and recommended use and working pressures.

This catalog is the second of a new series of Boston hose literature, distinguished by product classification. Copies may be obtained by writing to Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Company, P. O. Box 1071, Boston 3, Massachusetts.

Fire Station Receiving Panel

Notifier Manufacturing Company at Lincoln 8, Neb., has announced a remote control and fire station receiving panel listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories with control units and with or without supplementary annunciator units for use with their listed thermostats and bells to form a supervised fire alarm system. This supervised system has also passed all tests for Factory Mutual Laboratories listing.

The Notifier Fire Station Receiving Panel is so designed that all fire detection and associated wiring is supervised against shorts, single or double breaks, and power failure. This feature makes it possible to tie in sprinkler supervisory equipment.

Notifier Fire Station Receiving Panel

The instant a fire signal is initiated on the local protected premises, the signal is flashed to the auxiliary control panel. At the same instant the auxiliary control panel transmits the signal to the fire station, the alarm bell rings, and the lights flash indicating which building has a fire condition. According to the manufacturer, this entire signal reporting action is accomplished within thirty thousandths of a second. Reporting is entirely automatic. Due to this prompt action, the fire department is not hampered by a delayed alarm. Notifier Manufacturing Company is now in full production on this equipment.

New Marlow Fire Pump Bulletin

Marlow Pifmps has just issued a new, comprehensive bulletin on portable fire fighting pumps. The new bulletin is generously illustrated. Performance data and curves are presented along with pump and gasoline engine specifications. A photograph with diagrams shows how the pump operates and is keyed to a list of construction features.

The bulletin is available free on request. Write to Marlow Pumps, Division of Bell & Gossett Company and address letters to any one of the three company plants in Ridgewood, New Jersey; Morton Groxe, Illinois, and Longview, Texas.

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Sharpsville Fire Apparatus

Sharpsville Steel Fabricators, Inc., of Sharpsville, Pa., have recently issued an attractive four-page bulletin, illustrated and with color, describing the various types of fire apparatus which they build. These include squad cars; emergencycars; tank trucks; service, crash and ladder trucks, and volume and pressure pumpers. Copies of this bulletin are available upon request to the Companyat the address above.

Traffic Control System for Responding Fire Apparatus

“Conn-Tec,” a radio emergency traffic control system recently developed by Connecticut Telephone & Electric Corporation, Meriden, Connecticut, has been demonstrated to the City of St. Paul, Minnesota, officials under the supervision of Chief Wm. Mattocks of that city.

The equipment, recently developed byConnecticut, was put through operational tests at the company’s research laboratories and was “life” tested for many months before the demonstration was made.

For the demonstration, the City of St. Paul installed the emergency traffic control receivers at eight consecutive intersections on Roberts Street, which they consider their most highlycongested thoroughfare during peak traffic periods.

The radio electronic traffic control was set for approximately 2000 ft. and tripped off interstections four blocks ahead of the on-coming emergencyvehicle. The small radio transmitter, Type TC-2, was installed in the Fire Chief’s car, under the front seat.

A unique directional antenna was mounted on the hood of the car and a control box installed under the dashboard. When the control box switch was turned to the “On” position, the radio waves would pre-empt the TC-2 control receivers four blocks ahead of the emergency vehicle and one block on either side, turning all four traffic lights at each intersection to “Red.” The signal holds the intersection lights at “Red” until the emergency vehicle has proceeded past the intersection for one block. Consequently, all traffic is halted and the emergency vehicle proceeds unhindered.

Installation of the equipment, which operates on FCC approved frequencies, does not conflict with existing electrical networks or contemplated modifications of traffic signal control functions.

C. H. Randle Advanced

The Gamewell Company of Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts, has announced the appointment of C. H. Randle to the position of District Manager for their Pittsburgh office.

C. H. Randle

Mr. Randle has been with Gamewell since 1923, and in their Pittsburgh office as a Sales Engineer since 1940. He is a graduate of Waltham, Mass., High School and Wentworth Institute, Boston.

“High Fog” Pump

Manufacture of a new high pressure, 4-stage centrifugal pump for use on fire fighting equipment has been announced by Associated Fire Equipment Company of Los Angeles.

Known as the “High Fog” Pump, the unit is characterized by its light weight (210 lbs.) and small overall size, making it adaptable for installation on existing fire equipment.

The unit is capable of 60 to 80 GPM with 600 to 800 pounds pressure and has a 2″ intake and 1 1/2″ discharge. Power take-off can be made from the transmission with opposite-engine or engine rotation available. Additional information is available from the manufacturer. Associated Fire Equipment Company, 1915 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, California.

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