News of the Manufacturers

News of the Manufacturers

New Fire Department Light

A new light for fire fighters has been announced by the Julian A. McDermott Corporation of Corona, New York. Known as the model A-25 Utility light, it combines a sealed beam floodlight with a flashing red warning signal and is operable either from its own battery or through an extension cord from the truck lighting system.

New McDermott Fire Department Light

The sealed beam floodlight is adequate to light up areas and passages at fires or scenes of accidents, and for repairs and adjustment of apparatus. The flashing warning light is useful for controlling traffic, marking hose lines and dangerous interior areas as well as locating parked apparatus.

Foam Proportioner

An inline proportioner is announced for maintaining proper proportions while operating at pressures ranging from 40 to 150 psi.

This new development for feeding liquid foam into water lines eliminates the use of a pump.

It will proportion 6 parts of foam liquid to 94 parts of water, at any point along the line (other proportions if de sired). It can be attached directly to a hydrant, or placed on the ground between lengths of hose, or permanently mounted on a fire truck.

The new proportioner can also be used to feed 1% wetting agent to lines similar to the method used in proportioning the liquid foam. It will pick up foam or wetting agents from 5 gallon cans, 50 gallon drums or from built-in tanks.

It is made by Aladdin Proportioning Equipment Co., Inc., 119 West 57th Street, New York 19, N. Y.

Chicago Adds Ten New Aerials

Stepping up its program to bring its motorized fire apparatus up-to-date, and permit a complete turnover of all equipment every twenty years, the City of Chicago has purchased ten new FWD aerial ladder trucks. The new ladders will replace ten of the fifty-four aerials now owned by the department.

The new units will be the tractortrailer type, with 85 ft. wood ladders and rear tiller operation. Ground ladders will be arranged in double banks on the trailer. A nozzle especially designed by the Chicago Fire Department will be mounted on the fly of the ladder.

The ladders will be equipped with three-man all-steel safety cabs and painted Chicago fire apparatus red. They will be manned by seven-man crews, it is reported.

The Chicago Fire Department numbers 3,500 uniformed firemen and in 1947 the department answered 59,000 alarms.

Ansul Announces Changes

F. J. “Jim” Hood has been elected president of Ansul Chemical Company, Marinette, Wisconsin. He succeeds Harvey V. Higley, who has been named chairman of the board of directors.

F. J. Hood

Hood joined Ansul’s California office in 1928. He worked in sales for eight years, returning to Marinette in 1936. In 1938 he was elected secretary and treasurer of the company. He was promoted to vice president in 1945.

Ansul’s new chief executive is a past president of Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers Association. He is also a member of American Society of Refrigerating Engineers and Refrigeration Service Engineers Society.

Other officers elected by Ansul are R. C. Hood, vice president; H. C. Higley, secretary; J. F. Asell, treasurer; and S. R. Holmquist, comptroller and assistant treasurer.

Franklin Wedge.

Franklin Wedge, former eastern manager for Ansul Chemical Company, has been appointed assistant to the president. He has moved from Philadelphia to the company’s main office at Marinette, Wisconsin.

With this assignment, Mr. Wedge climaxes an 18-year career with Ansul. He is a member of the American Society of Refrigerating Engineers as well as the American Chemical Society.

Wedge was graduated from the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University, class of 1918.

Novel Fund-Raising Display

A novel method in fund-raising drives for resuscitator equipment for fire departments was recently introduced by the E & J Manufacturing Co., and has proven successful throughout the country, particularly in smaller communities.

The fund-raising campaign centers around a set of display panels, furnished without charge by the E & J Company. Photographs and text on the panels dramatize the types of accident— drowning, monoxide poisoning, smoke suffocation, etc.—in which efficient resuscitation may mean the difference between life and death. Adequate resuscitation equipment for the fire department is headlined as “community life insurance.”

Pictured Here Is a Set of Display Panels in Use in a Department Store Window During a Drive to Raise Funds for Purchase of a Rescuscitator for the Local Fire Department. Contributors Were Given Tickets on a Drawing for the Merchant-Donated Prizes Shown in Foreground.

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The displays are built so that they can be used effectively in all types of store windows, hotel and theater lobbies, and similar locations.

The display panels are available from the E & J Manufacturing Co., Glendale 1, California, or any E & J dealer throughout the country.

General Detroit Corp. Makes Changes

The General Detroit Corpn., Detroit, Mich., has announced the following changes:

E. A. Warren, formerly Vice President in Charge of Sales, has become Executive Vice President, and the policies of the Fire Extinguisher, Fire Apparatus, Fire Hose, and Industrial Divisions have been coordinated under his jurisdiction. A. B. Seigfreid, formerly Sales Manager of the Fire Truck Division, has assumed the position of Vice President in Charge of Manufacturing. Preston W. Wolf, formerly Assistant to the Vice President, has succeeded to the post of Assistant General Sales Manager.

Other appointments include: M. S. Shoppert to the position of Assistant Sales Manager for Fire Extinguishers; H. A. Thompson, Assistant Sates Manager for Apparatus; R. O. Beuschline, Assistant Sales Manager for Fire Hose and Industrial; Roy H. Morrison, Central Divisional Manager; and Gail M. Rutledge, Midwestern Divisional Manager. All of the appointees are veteran employees of the corporation.

Fire Truck for Oil Industry

One man operation of a foam-producing, fire-fighting, double-duty truck for protection of oil risks is claimed by National Foam System, Inc., Philadelphia. The first of these new trucks has just been delivered by National Foam to the Mene Grande Oil Company, C. A. This company is a subsidiary of the Venezuela Gulf Oil Company which, in turn, is a subsidiary of the Gulf Oil Corporation.

Enough men to operate a portable dry powder foam-producing system may not always be available. To fight a fire in an 80,000 bbl. tank, using two large capacity duplex generators, would probably require eight men. The company further estimates that to extinguish such a fire in a reasonable time would require 11,500 lbs. of dry powder, which would have to be transported to the threatened area.

The new truck, faced with extinguishing a fire in an 80,000 bbl. tank, as above, will produce that quantity of foam from the foam powder it carries.

Pyrene Advances S. C. Williams

S. Carlton Williams, Jr., has been promoted to eastern district manager for the Pyrene Manufacturing Company, Newark, N. J., makers of extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment.

Williams, formerly a special assistant to the president, succeeds Ray Poole, who has been transferred to Chicago as sales manager of that district. Williams joined Pyrene in 1939, started in the Louisville (Ky.) district.

Additional Exhibitors at I. A. F. C. Conference

Since the publication of the list of exhibitors at the Miami Conference of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, in the August issue of FIRE ENGINEERING, the following have signed up: AmericanLaFrance-Foamite Corporation, Elmira, N. Y.; Mack International Motor Truck Corp., Long Island City, N. Y.; The Seagrave Corp., Columbus, Ohio; Eureka Fire Hose Div., United States Rubber Company, New York, N. Y.; OwensCorning Fiberglas Corp., Toledo, Ohio; Carbide & Carbon Chemicals Corp., New York, N. Y.; Four-Wheel Drive Auto Co., Clintonville, Wis.; Emergency Aids Co., Chicago, Ill.; Wooster Brass Co., Wooster, Ohio; Philco Corporation, Trenton, N. J.; and Hale Fire Pump Co., Conshohocken, Pa.

Chief James T. Keegan, Salvage Patrols, Newark, N. J., is Chairman of Exhibits.

Permain Basin Firemen’s Association Meets

Kermit, Texas, was the scene of the quarterly meeting of the Permain Basin Firemen’s Association, on May 1, 1948. The organization includes the towns and cities in the Great Permain Basin oil field of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico and includes Alpine, Big Springs, Brownfield, Crane, Denver City, Kermit, Monohans, Ft. Stockton, McCamy, Midland and Wink, all in Texas: and Jal. Eunice and Hobbs, in New Mexico, About 150 firemen were in attendance.

New National Foam Truck Producing 4,800 Gallons of Foam Per Minute (1,200 Gallons from Each of Four Nozzles Pictured).

The Kermit Volunteer Fire Department. Fire Chief Fred W. Pearson, was host to the visitors. Chief Clyde White, of Wink, Texas, presided over the business sessions. The principal speakers were Dan E. Lake. President, Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs, and J. R. Dobson, Field Instructor, Texas A & M College. Pumper races were held in the afternoon. Ft. Stockton, Texas, firemen again winning first place. Monohans, Texas, was second.

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