News of the Manufacturers

News of the Manufacturers

New Flashing Flare Beacon

The new Flashing Flare Beacon, Model No. 108-F, is the latest addition to the Big Beam line of electric hand lamps, flares, and automatic emergency lights produced by U-C Lite Manufacturing Company. 1050 West Hubbard St., Chicago 22, Illinois.

U-C Lite flashing flare beacon.

This new flare features a flashing bulb covered with a red Fresnel lens of durable molded plastic. A simple, pushbutton switch starts and stops the light. The Flare is powered by one standard 6-volt lantern battery housed in a waterproof steel case finished in red enamel. Lamp to battery contact is pressure type. Fresnel lenses are also available in blue, green, amber, and clear.

The light is designed for emergency use by plant protection, police and fire departments, etc.

Shield for Protecting Firemen

For greater protection against radiant heat in fighting hot blazes, Frommelt Industries, Dubuque, Iowa, have devised a new collapsible welded wire fabric frame shield with the trade name “Ray-Foil.”

The shield weighs less than 100 lbs., and when open stands higher than an average fire fighter. It is made of a “protective heat cloth” which it is said reflects radiant heat as a mirror reflects light. It is easily rolled, carried and stored. Nozzle openings are provided for operating hose lines. A peep hole permits observation.

Address the above manufacturer for complete details.

Exide Features Polyethylene

Exide-Ironclad storage batteries used in fire and police alarm systems will henceforth employ polyethylene plastic in place of rubber tubing material in tubing and tube sealers which encase the active material and grid spines of the positive plates.

The new innovation, which was publicized to a large audience of technical publication representatives, members of fire and police associations and others at a breakfast meeting in the Hotel New Yorker, in October, will lengthen battery life and afford increased capacity, according to Exide engineers.

Batteries using polyethylene have been tested in severe industrial truck use and reportedly found to have almost full rated capacity “after five or more years.”

Exide-Ironclad batteries have been closely identified with the nation’s fire alarm communications for many years. Full information on their construction and application may be bad by writing the Exide Industrial Division, Electric Storage Battery Company, Box 8109, Philadelphia 1, Penn. The present suppliers of polyethylene for their batteries are the Bakelite Company, a Division of Union Carbide & Carbon Corp., and E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Co. Inc.

To Help Solve Pump Pressure Problems

A new pump pressure computer has been introduced which it is claimed helps get effective streams on the fire more quickly and with less guesswork and resulting damages to hose and apparatus.

The computer, pictured here, gives exact pump pressures necessary to produce 50 psi nozzle pressure on all 1 1/2-in. or 234-in. hand lines from 50 ft. through 1,500 ft. for tip sizes from 3/8-in. through 1 1/4-in. It gives exact pump pressure settings necessary for 80 psi nozzle pressure on master stream appliances using nozzles from 1 1/2-in. through 2-in. supplied by 2, 3 or 4 lines up to 1,000 ft.

For relays, it calculates simultaneously in seconds, the number of pumpers required, proper spacing of all pumpers and the exact pumping pressure for each pumper to obtain 200 GPM discharge at 50 PSI nozzle pressure.

It also indicates GPM discharge from any nozzle at 50 psi nozzle pressure and lists all factors to compensate for, such as uphill or downhill lays, nozzle elevation, equal or unequal double line lays, wye and Siamese lays. It reportedly cannot indicate any pressure beyond the safe limits of hose and equipment.

This is of course quite a bill of advantages. All that is required, it is said, is that the operator know the hose layout and tip size. Having these data he has only to turn the dials of the computer and read off and apply the results.

The computer, which can be mounted on the instrument panel, is manufactured by the A & W Specialty Company, 3717 Midland Ave., Syracuse 7, New York.

New Portable Generator

Pioneer Gen-E-Motor Corporation has announced a new addition to its line of portable electric generating plants. The new unit is a compact, lightweight 3500 watt, dual voltage, belt-driven generator, coupled with a Briggs 8: Stratton 8 H.P. engine. The generator unit is completely sealed, lubricated for life, of drip-proof construction, and is capable of continuous duty operation. It is skid mounted for easy portability. Pioneer Gen-EMotor Corporation has issued an extensive catalog on portable electric generating plants for stand-by protection, mobile and field use. For a copy write the company, 5841 West Dickens Ave., Chicago 39, Illinois.

New Gen-E-Motor Generator

Canada Forms Association of Fire Apparatus Makers

Motor Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association of Canada is the name of the new body of motor fire apparatus makers recently formed in the Dominion.

The original membership is composed of: American-Marsh Pumps (Canada) Ltd.. Stratford, Ont.; Bickle-Seagrave, Ltd., Woodstock, Ont.: Four Wheel Drive Auto Co., Ltd., Kitchener, Out.: and LaFrance Fire Engine and Foamite Ltd., Toronto, Ont.

The Secretary of the Association is Norman R. Horrocks, 197 Old Weston Road, Toronto 9, Ont., Canada.

Rockwood Makes Promotions

William J. Carroll, President and General Manager of the Rockwood Sprinkler Company, has announced the promotion of Stephen H. Reando to Assistant to the President, and Lloyd H. Bostwick to the post of Purchasing Agent.

Mr. Reando served as Purchasing Agent of the Company for 18 years. He was also formerly president of the Rockwood Credit Union.

Mr. Bostwick served as assistant to Mr. Reando from 1951 to 1955. He is a member of the Worcester County Purchasing Agents Association.

New FWD S-750 Fire Engine

A low-cost, four-wheel-drive pumping engine introduced by Four Wheel Drive Auto Company is being exhibited as part of that company’s Traveling Truck Show. It has a newly-designed body and is tailored to the needs of rural areas and small cities, as well as metropolitan communities.

The new model is said to have greater safety and controllability factors on good or bad roads. It has a capacity of 750 gpm and is engineered to carry minimum basic equipment suggested by the National Board of Fire Underwriters. Its specifications include completely new front end styling; chrome hand rails on top of the body ; 30-foot three-section and 14-foot aluminum roof ladders; a new optional compartment type body; new RD-501, six-cylinder, valve-in-head engine which attains 212 BHP at 3,000 rpm and 444 lbs. ft. of torque at 1,600 rpm; Series 5A430 transmission with five forward speeds, one reverse, direct drive in fourth gear, and overdrive in fifth and FWD fully-compensating center differential and 12-volt starting and lighting system. Pumping equipment includes a two-stage, series-parallel, centrifugal pump with positive displacement electric rotary-type priming pump and bypass relief valve. It has a 500gallon booster tank and special hose rollers.

Available either with closed or threeman open type cab, the new pumper body is of all steel construction. The cab is wider inside than previous FWD models and has improved visibility with a curved, one-piece safety glass windshield.

New FWD pumper with compartment body.High pressure fog unit for Toledo Airport.

The new S-750 is a companion model to the S-500 pumping engine recently introduced. The S-500 has the RD-406, 175 BHP engine and a 500 gpm pumping capacity.

High Pressure Fog Unif for Airport

Air lines using the new Toledo Express Airport recently had provided for them additional fire protection by the addition of a Seagrave high pressure pumper. TWA, United, Delta and Eastern all have personnel taking instructions in the use of the pumper under the direction of Joe Okenka, superintendent of maintenance of the airport, and Tom Metcalf, commissioner of the port. The Libbey-Owens Company of Toledo, who have a hangar at the port for their business planes, also have a group of men training on the unit.

The pumper is a regular 500-gallon Seagrave built on a GMC truck chassis. It has a four stage Seagrave high pressure pump which delivers 60 gallons per minute at 800 pounds pressure and 40 gallons per minute at 1,000-pound pressure. The truck is equipped with two-in-line foam eductor for use with Hardie high-pressure fog guns which will discharge, with shaper, high pressure foam and fog at 600-pound pressure while the truck is in motion. The foam shaper adapter can thus be used at a distance to blanket gasoline spills. In case of an accident, high pressure fog will first be used until all passengers are out of the plane and then high pressure foam is switched on to put out gasoline fires. This adaptation of foam to a high pressure pump and use with Hardie fog guns is a new feature. The pumper is equipped to meet the widely varying fire hazards of a large municipal airport. It has a large volume pump for structural fires around hangars and terminal and the high pressure fog and foam for plane fires. The truck is also equipped with special reel covers with a heater to insure operation even during coldest weather.

Kidde Introduces New Extinguishers

A new line of wet chemical portable fire extinguishers which includes pressurized and brass container units has been introduced by Walter Kidde & Company, Inc., Belleville, N. J.

Portable extinguishers in the new wet chemical line include a 2 1/2-gal. pressure operated combination water and antifreeze extinguisher. The extinguisher has an “on-off” squeeze type of valve and a pressure gauge built into the side of the valve which at a glance reveals the readiness of this portable for use.

Other additions to the wet chemical line are 2j4-gal. and 5-gal. pump tank type extinguishers using either stainless steel or copper containers and which may be charged with clear water or anti-freeze solutions.

(Continued on page 1224)

Paul W. Eberhardt, vice president of Walter Kidde & Company, Inc., gets a briefing on the company's new wet chemical line of portable fire extinguishers from Kidde's James Nichols (right). Left to right: 2 1/2-gallon steel cased, pump type water portable; 2 1/2-gallon brass cased, pump type water portable; 5-gallon brass cased, pump type water portable; I-quart brass cased, pressurized vaporizing liquid portable (Eberhardt holds); 1-gallon brass cased pressurized water or anti-freeze portable (Nichols holds); 2 1/2-gallon brass cased foam portable; 2 1/2-gallon brass cased soda acid portable; 1-gallon brass cased pressurized vaporizing liquid portable.

News of fhe Manufacturers

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Also new to the line are 1-qt., 1 1/2-qt. and 1-gal. carbon tetrachloride extinguishers and chlorobromomethane extinguishers (CBM) which are pressurized with either air or nitrogen to 150 psi. To avoid accidental discharge, all of the pressurized extinguishers have a safety latch.

The containers of the 2 1/2-gal. pressurized operated water and anti-freeze extinguishers, the 2 1/2-gal. soda and acid extinguishers, the 2 1/2gal. foam extinguishers, the 1-gal. carbon tetrachloride and the 1-gal. chlorobromomethane extinguishers, are of monodome construction, which eliminates dome and side seams necessary in constructing stainless steel containers. Hose fittings on these units are brass screw machine parts rather than castings or band strips.

All portable extinguisher shells are tested to 500 psi and are approved by Underwriters’ Laboratories.

“Fire-Pal”—New Monotoring Unit

Firemen who must keep in touch with headquarters, and buffs and others who want to know what’s going on in the field of radio fire communications, will be interested in this new compact, moderate F.M. radio receiver.

Designed to provide full coverage of all fire calls in the 153.7 – 155 me range, the unit operates on any 110-120 AC or DC supply. The dimensions are 7-in. by 10-in. by 5 1/2-in.

Complete information may be secured from the manufacturer, Harron Laboratories, 42-10 220th St., Bayside, L. I., N. Y.

Westchester, N.Y. Fire Chiefs try out new monitoring radio at FWD apparatus display. At left, Asst. Chief Wm. Bowers, Briarcliff Manor, and Edward J. MacDonald, White Plains.Receiving Award for Naming New Nozzle Miss Mary C. Wipfler, of Ward LaFrance International, Inc., at Elmira Heights, was the winner in an international contest to name the newly developed nozzle made by Wooster Brass, Wooster, Ohio. She is shown receiving a $100 Savings Bond for submitting the name Vari-A-Fog. In the picture arc E. E. Baldwin, vice president of the Elmira Heights concern; A. Ward LaFrance, president; Miss Wipfler; and E. R. Scl_____ellin, regional sales manager of Wooster Brass. Mr. A. Ward LaFrance is holding the new Wooster Brass nozzle.

H. J. Barbour Heads Advertising for Fairbanks, Morse and Co.

Henry J. Barbour has been appointed Manager of Advertising and Public Relations for Fairbanks, Morse and Company, Chicago, Ill. He succeeds L. A. Harlow who has resigned to join an advertising agency.

Mr. Barbour has been associated with Fairbanks, Morse for thirty-one years and has held numerous positions in both the Beloit, Wis., works and the executive offices in Chicago.

News of the Manufacturers


News of the Manufacturers

New Radio Announced

A compact 2-way radio which operates from 6, 12, 24 volt D.C. or 115 V. A.C. sources without a separate power supply has recently been announced by Industrial Radio Corp., 428 No. Parkside Ave., Chicago 44, Ill.

The Model J Pak-Fone may be used in vehicles, mobile industrial equipment, aircraft, as a base station, or when operated with a 12 volt aircraft-type storage battery, it becomes a portable unit.

Model J Pak-Fone

The unit measures 10″ wide by 9″ deep by 5″ high, and can be quickly mounted in any position. Transfer from vehicle to vehicle can be accomplished in 2 minutes. The case is constructed of heavily reinforced steel which is weatherproofed for outdoor use.

The loudspeaker and power supply are built-in. Microphone, antenna and mounting frame are standard equipment. Accessories include roof-top, car window and ground plane antennas.

Frequency modulation and a relay type squelch circuit provide clear, noisefree telephone communications. A total of 25 tubes and crystal controlled stability contribute to the good performance of the equipment.

As current requirements are very small, approximately 1 ampere at 12 volts, no changes or additions to ordinary vehicle electrical systems are necessary.

Model J Pak-Fones carry FCC and Civil Defense designations. They operate in 25 to 50 MC and 145 to 174 MC bands.

FWD to Lease Apparatus

An exclusive arrangement whereby a fire department may lease any type of FWD fire fighting apparatus at a low monthly rate has been announced by Four Wheel Drive Auto Company of Clintonville, Wis.

Under the FWD plan, any type of pumper, aerial ladder truck, or tank truck may be leased for a five-year period. At the end of that time, the fire department may purchase the equipment outright by paying 5% of the original cost, may continue to lease the unit at 3% a year, or may trade the equipment on new firefighting apparatus with a new lease arrangement.

The FWD plan has been developed to accommodate the many fire districts which in recent months have turned to leasing their equipment to do away with the necessity of bond referendums or legal debt limit increases.

All sizes of FWD Special and DeLuxe pumper series, aerial ladder combinations, and tank units are available under the lease plan and any optional equipment desired may be included in the original lease price.

If this same unit were traded for similar new equipment at the end of five years, lower monthly rates would result.

Onan Introduces New Plant

Known as Model 105AK. a new light-weight, 1500 watt, 60-cycle A.C. electric Plant is offered by D. W. Onan & Sons Inc., Minneapolis 14, Minn.

It is produced in two versions, Model 10.5A.K-1P weighing 125 lbs., equipped with aluminum carrying frame as standard equipment, and Mode! 105AK-1M weighing 130 lbs., designed for stationary service but with carrying frame and 2-wheel dolly optional.

Both are completely Onan-built products with direct connected Onan all-climate generator; Onan 4-cycle heavy duty, air cooled gasoline engine and other features. The unit will run for about 3 hours on one gallon of gasoline at full rated load.

The new models are suitable for both mobile and portable electric plant applications.

For complete information, address the above.

Stephenson Resuscitators for Great Britain

It is reported that fire brigades in Great Britain and all Commonwealth Countries will have automatic resuscitators. A contract has just been completed between the Stephenson Corporation of Red Bank, N.J., and the British Oxygen Company of England under which the latter will build Stephenson “Minuteman” and professional model resuscitators and sell them under license to over 60 Commonwealth Countries, Islands, Protectorates and Dependencies.

Official approval has been granted by the Board of Trade and the Bank of England permitting royalties to be paid free of British tax. Thus, the “Tight Little Isle” and possessions will have available modern automatic breathing machines having the latest features, including controllable pressures and oxygen-air concentrations. This climaxes a situation in which sterling areas have long wanted, but been unable to secure this type of protection equipment because they could not get dollars for pounds.

W. H. Stephenson arriving at Idlewild Airport, New York, after successfully negotiating a contract with the British Oxygen Company of England.

Ansul Announces Expansion Program

An expansion program has been announced by Ansul Chemical Company, Marinette. Wis. It consists of an addition to the company’s mechanical manufacturing facilities in the fire equipment division, and new chemical plant buildings for the manufacture of sodium bisulfate and niacin.

Ansui expects to begin producing sodium bisulfate for sale next year. The manufacturing plant is 90 per cent complete and test runs have already been made. Sodium bisulfate, of nitre cake, is used in preparing bowl cleaner compounds. Raw materials for the manufacturing process will be supplied by residual products from another manufacturing operation.

A & W Pressure Computer

Given the hose lay and tip size, the A & W Pressure Computer gives the exact pressures in seconds. This means greater efficiency in fire fighting by reducing guesswork and uncertainty.

The handy device is easily installed on pump panel. It is a particular boon in relay operations: according to the manufacturer, it saves time, water, ruptured hose, damaged pumps and gauges and money, as well as reducing guesswork.

The complete story is contained in a new circular available for the asking. Address A & W Specialty Company, 3717 Midland Ave., Syracuse 7, N. Y.

I.D.E.A. Acquires Radio Apparatus Corporation

Edward C. Tudor, president of I.D.E.A., Inc., makers of Regency all-transistor pocket radio, announced the acquisition of Radio Apparatus Corporation, Indianapolis, Ind., effective Aug. 31. 1955.

Radio Apparatus will continue to operate under the name Monitoradio Division of I.D.E.A., Inc. Monitoradio produces VHP receivers for monitoring emergency communication broadcasts. “No change in personnel or policy is anticipated as a result of the merger,” according to Mr. Tudor.

Rockwood’s Clayton Kendall Retires

The retirement of H. Clayton Kendall, vice-president and works manager of Rockwood Sprinkler Company, Worcfester, Mass., has been announced.

Mr. Kendall, who joined Rockwood in 1908 when it was the Worcester Fire Extinguishing Co., was successively assistant manager and purchasing agent. In 1928 he became works manager and in 1934 was promoted to vice-president and works manager. He helped organize the Rockwood Mutual Aid Association, in 1919, and also started the Rockwood Credit Union, in 1937.

From 1936 to 1953 Mr. Kendall was director of Warren Leather Goods Co., serving as its president in 1944. He retired from that post in 1949. He is a director of Wiley-Bickford Sweet Corp., and was president of the Worcester County Mechanics Association from 1929 to 1931. He has been on the executive board of the Southern Worcester County Health Association, and was its president from 1941 to 1945.

Mr. Kendall has been a member of numerous civic and service clubs; the American Society of Engineers; a life member of the Worcester Horticultural Society and he has been prominent in several historical, philatelic and fraternal groups. He is a 32nd degree Mason and Shriner.

Oren Announcements

Chief W. M. Mullins, who retired from the City of Roanoke Fire Department on August 1 after forty-three years’ service, has joined the Oren Roanoke Corporation, manufacturers of fire apparatus, in the capacity of service engineer and consultant. Mullins is a past-president of the Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs and a member of long standing in the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

Francis S. Brigham, President and General Manager of the Oren-Roanoke Corporation, was recently elected National Commander of the Twenty-Ninth Infantry Division Association. The Association is composed of thousands of veterans of World War I and II who served with the Twenty-Ninth Infantry Division of the U.S. Army.

Notifier Introduces PN-02-AD Series

Notifier Mfg. Co., 239 So. 11th St., Lincoln, Neb., has introduced a new type fire detection system known as PN-02-AD series which has both Underwriters’ and Factory Mutual Laboratories listing and is recognized by rating bureaus for insurance rate reductions when used either for automatic fire detection or sprinkler supervision.

The new systems provide automatic Class A emergency signaling operation for proprietary, auxiliary or local use and have several advantages that should make them of interest to fire fighters and fire protection engineers. Complete information may be had by writing the above.

Gorman-Rupp Issues New Bulletin

Bulletin 9-FD-ll (revised) has been published by The Gorman-Rupp Company, Mansfield, Ohio, manufacturers of portable fire fighter pumps.

The new publication contains all the facts bearing on the company’s popular line dual fire fighter units which are desired by fire fighters.

National Foam Conversion Units

The 40-gallon foam engine, for controlling fires in flammable liquids through the use of chemical foam, can now be converted for use with mechanical foam, as a result of a new unit developed by National Foam System, West Chester, Pa.

By installing an Aer-O-Foam Line Proportioner, with check valve and pickup tube, on the existing engine cap, the engine reportedly can produce as much as 14,000 gallons of foam when connected to a water hydrant under pressures of 90 psi or higher—as compared to 300-gallons of chemical foam produced by the unconverted engine. Moreover. if not completely discharged, the unused liquid need not be discharged.

Conversion units are available for use with either 3% or 6% liquid—or with a metering valve to handle both concentrations. Address inquiry for complete details to the above company.

Face Mask Offers New Concept of Visibility

“Scottoramic,” the new face mask manufactured by Scott Aviation, Erie Street, Lancaster. N.Y., offers greater visibility over conventional type masks. Said to be an entirely new concept in mask design, the wrap-around wind-shield idea does away with the two separate “peep-hole” eye-pieces.

Scottoramic face mask

The new mask has been tested in action and is endorsed by leading airline, fire fighting and industrial safety officials. In addition to improving visibility, the mask reportedly reduces the feeling of claustrophobia. Non-fogging is accomplished by the circular air-washing action of the cool air or oxygen supply. The plastic safety lens is virtually unbreakable. A double lip seal makes the mask comfortable when worn for a long time, even over glasses. It may be donned with one hand, leaving the other free for use in emergency situations.

Microphone and air hose are optional equipment. Complete information is available on request from the above manufacturer.

Thermoid Publication Describes Industrial Rubber Products

A new 8-page catalog digest giving specifications and descriptions of its 68 different types of rubber hose for industrial and other use has been issued by the Industrial Rubber Division of the Thermoid Company, Trenton, N.J. In addition, the publication contains much other helpful information on its other products.

Address the company direct for your copy.

Morgan Joints Bean Staff

Veteran fire apparatus salesman, L. B. (Les) Morgan has joined the staff of the John Bean Division of the Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation of San Jose. He will represent the company in Northern California and Nevada, where he is widely known to the fire service.

He was formerly with American LaFrance Corporation, and other fire apparatus manufacturers. Mr. Morgan will handle fire equipment for industrial as well as municipal use for the company.

Ward LaFrance Introduces New Aerial

A new aerial ladder truck was introduced and demonstrated to sales representatives of the Ward LaFrance Truck Corporation in Elmira, N. Y., October 4th. The 85′ aerial ladder truck, an addition to the Ward LaFrance line of fire apparatus, will be available in January, 1956.

Representatives from territories all over the United States, gathered at Elmira’s Mark Twain Hotel for a threeday sales meeting October 3, 4 and 5. The sessions, planned by Brook J. March, sales manager, covered all phases of the selling and servicing of the Ward LaFrance line of fire trucks. A special session was conducted by E. L. Decker, assistant sales manager, to acquaint salesmen with factory practices and procedures where modifications ate required or where special equipment is indicated.

F. N. Tracy, vice president and general manager of the company, opened the meeting on Monday morning and described plans for the future and goals of Ward LaFrance in the industry.

A. Ward LaFrance, president of Ward LaFrance International, handling all export sales, gave a historical background of the company and its progress during the past thirty-seven years.

David F. Thomas, chief engineer of the Waterous Company, discussed various types of water pumps and described the new 1956 model Waterous pump that will be fitted on Ward LaFrance pumpers.

Field demonstrations were held at Eldridge Park during the meeting. A. R. Norton of the Company conducted demonstrations of pumper operations and testing techniques. Franklin E. James, director of engineering, supervised demonstration of the new aerial ladders.

Ward LaFrance Truck Corporation Sales Meeting Front Row—left to right—Leon Brown, Service Engineer; R. S. Krause, Factory Manager; F. E. James, Director of Engineering; F. N. Tracy, Vice Pres, and Gen. Mgr.; J. G. Grossman, President; G. Jacobs, White Plains, N. Y. Second Row left to right—E. Bones, Asst. Director of Engineering; W. B. Moore, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; O. L. Brown, Des Moines. Iowa; T. Haberecht, Cleveland, Ohio; I. A. Ballou, Jr., Providence, R. I.; E. E. Baldwin, Vice President. Ward LaFrance International; T. A. Miller. Sr., Buffalo, N. Y.; E. Simek, Barrington, Illinois: N. J. Bjorck, Chief Engineer, Fire Apparatus; Curtis LaFrance, Asst. Sales Manager, Ward LaFrance International. Aerial Ladder from bottom to top—C. Ganung, Weston Mills, N. Y.; G. Bartels, Pearl River, N. Y.; E. R. Kept, Severna Park, Md.; E. Davies, Scranton, Pa.; R. Parkhurst, Dunellen, N. J.; J. Dando, Elmira, N. Y.; B. Lewis, New York City Branch Sales Mgr.; J. J. Duffy, Trenton, N. J.

The highlight of the dinner meeting, which was held in the Showboat Room of the Mark Twain Hotel, was the address by J. G. (Joe) Grossman, president of the company.

The meeting closed on Wednesday following an address by R. S. Krause, factory manager, who described production procedures and conducted a tour of the plant.

John Bean Names Williams Head of Fire Equipment

Bill Williams has been appointed manager of the Fire Equipment Department of the John Bean Division of Food Machinery & Chemical Corporation of San Jose, California. He was formerly District Sales Manager for the Fire Fighter Department in Bean’s Lansing, Michigan plant.

Bill Williams

The appointment was made to fill the position vacated by C. A. MacRae, former Fire Equipment Department manager, who recently became manager of a new Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Catalog on Fire Fighting Reels

A helpful addition to the fire service library should be the new colorful 12page catalog just issued by Ardmore Products Div. of Amco Corp., 2040 Carroll Ave., Chicago 12, Ill.

Data contained are on the company’s explosion-proof reels; starter motor reels; hand-wind reels, and dual fire fighting reels. Complete specifications and features of each product are detailed.

Address the company direct for your copy.

Werner Adds New Ladder Line

The R. D. Werner Co., Inc., 295 Fifth Avenue, New York City, manufacturers of aluminum ladders, has added a new “900” series of “Industrial Alumiladders” featuring improvements in channel I-beam construction.

Top tips of the new ladders have vinyl protective covering and other features such as spring-loaded safety locks and heavy duty aluminum safety shoes, with skid-proof corrugated rubber tread.

The new “900” line is available in single ladders from eight feet to twentyfeet, two-section extension ladders from twenty to forty feet, and three-section extensions from forty to sixty feet. For complete details address the above company.

FWD Announces New Series

A new DeLuxe series of triple combination pumpers, featuring redesigned compartment-type bodies, power-proportioned four-wheel drive, and 226 to 240 horsepower engines as standard equipment, is announced by Four Wheel Drive Auto Company of Clintonville, Wis.

The new products include four basic DeLuxe series, F-500, F-700, F-1000 and F-1200. Standard engine in the first three series develops 226 to 240 horsepower. All have two-stage, series-parallel centrifugal pumps as basic equipment, ranging from 500 gpm pumps in the F-500 series, to 750 gpm in F-700, 1,000 gpm in F-1000, and 1,250 gpm in F-1200.

New body designs include new frontend styling, larger side compartments, and extra compartments under the cab skirt, and improved tailboard design which facilitates operation of the hose reel and mounting of equipment. Body accommodates 2,000 feet of 2 1/2-inch double jacket hose.

The new Series units have rearmounted 40-gallon gasoline tanks; larger battery compartments; new auxiliary cooler tank; and Tru-stop, two-shoe, 14-inch emergency brakes. Standard equipment includes a 200-gallon upright, top-filled booster tank with improved fill and overflow, and muffler that cuts noise and improves radio communication.

All of the new FWD DeLuxe series pumper engines meet the basic requirements of the Underwriters. The pumpers are available with coupe-type or semi-open type cab, both with onepiece safetv glass windshield and extrawide, spacious design.

Equipment includes one 24-foot extension; one 14-foot roof ladder with folding hooks; one 6-pound fire ax; 48inch crowbar; 10-foot pipe pole; 2 1/2 gallon foam extinguisher, and hose connections. Booster equipment includes 150-feet of 3/4-inch, four-ply booster hose with fog nozzle.

Neil Slavin, ADT Feted

Neil Slavin, ADT sales representative in New York, retired October 1 and was given a dinner in the Antlers Restaurant in Wall Street. Mr. Slavin had been with ADT for 40 years. Ray Hyde, editor of the ADT Transmitter, was master of ceremonies. About 200 attended.

Mr. and Mrs. Slavin departed for St. Petersburg, Fla. for the winter. The gifts consisted of U.S. War Bonds and stock certificates.