NFA Seeking Students to Participate in New VIP Course: Presenting Effective Public Education Programs

VIP Course: Presenting Effective Public Education Programs (R826)

Overview: The National Fire Academy is seeking students to participate in a new Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) six-day public education course. This course is offered to volunteer providers in volunteer departments or to the only paid staff member in a volunteer or combination department. This course to the Volunteer Incentive program will be held on-campus at the National Fire Academy.

Date: September 8-13, 2002

Scope of the Course: Presenting Effective Public Education Programs provides fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitudes to deliver fire and life-safety educational programs in the community. The course is 6 full days and is designed for public educators who have less than 2 years of public education work, and whose primary responsibilities are delivering public education programs. The course takes the viewpoint that public educators at this level do not develop their own programs, but are using or modifying existing educational programs.

A complete view of new public safety educator’s responsibilities is presented with emphasis on presentation skills. The course emphasizes a community-based concept in developing and delivering educational programs. Students learn to make the best use of their community to support their program efforts effectively. Participants are evaluated through performance on 10-to-15 minute presentations, home community exercises in class, and a final examination.
Part-time public educators and volunteers who might not be able to attend a 2-week course are encouraged to apply.

Student Selection Criteria:

  • Students should have current or upcoming responsibilities for delivering community safety education programs in their community.
  • Students will be admitted without previous public education experience, or up to a maximum of 2 years of public education experience. Those students who are currently delivering public education programs and have more than 2 years of experience will be admitted on a space available basis.
Note: Five slots in each class are reserved for students who work as public educators in the field of Emergency Medical Services, public health education, burn prevention, or injury prevention. If these slots are not filled, then students in fire-related organizations will be admitted.

This course is open to all emergency services personnel in volunteer departments, or those individuals who are the only career person in a volunteer department, including allied professionals. Those emergency services personnel currently or previously serving in operations (suppression, EMS, etc.), as well as those who seek to learn about more effective ways of presenting public education programs are welcomed. Personnel with little or no public education background will benefit significantly.

ACE Recommendation: In the upper division baccalaureate degree category, 2 semester hours in Fire Administration, Fire Technology, Fire Science, or Educational Methods.

For further information on this new Volunteer Incentive Program course, please contact:
Mr. Terry Glunt, VIP Program Manager, (800)-238-3358, ext. 1402, email:

Please send or Fax your application (75-5) directly to: Office of Admissions, Building I, Room 216, National Emergency Training Center, 16825 South Seton Ave., Emmitsburg, MD 21727, (800)-238-3358, ext. 1035 or 1524, Fax: (301)-447-1441.

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