NFHC Announces 2021 Benjamin Franklin Award Winners Silver

Disasters Man Made

The National Fire Heritage Center (NFHC) was established to preserve the history of America’s fire services. Currently, the archive library contains over 15,000 logged documents of major historical value. Benjamin Franklin, the father of America’s Fire Service, left a vast legacy of written products. He encouraged writers to “go on record” as to their beliefs, observations, and support of public and private initiatives. Through the Benjamin Franklin Fire Writer’s Award, the National Fire Heritage Center encourages today’s fire writers to do the same.

The Benjamin Franklin Writer’s Award was established to recognize current and past authors of books, magazines, newsletters, and a variety of media who have preserved America’s fire service history through their writings. Their stories keep alive the events and people who might otherwise have been lost through generations of change. 

We are pleased to announce the 2021 Benjamin Franklin Writers Award Winners and recognize their contributions to preserving diverse aspects of America’s Fire Services. 

The Silver 2021 Benjamin Franklin Writer’s Award winners are David White and Anton Riecher for their book, entitled Disasters Man-Made. This publication delves into the major fire events that have occurred at various industrial locations and provides great insight to the world of industrial firefighting.  

Disasters Man-Made will soon be available at the National Fire Heritage Center online store at the following link:

Learn more about their contributions by accessing their documents digitally from the NFHC archive library through  Join us in recognizing their work and consider whose writings should be nominated for the 2022 award.

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