NFPCA Grants Awarded for Fire Reporting System

NFPCA Grants Awarded for Fire Reporting System

The National Fire Prevention and Control Administration has awarded $100,000 in grants to five states to establish fire incident reporting systems. The one-year grants of $20,000 each were made to Maryland, Missouri, New York, Ohio and Oregon.

The assistance program administered by the NFPCA National Fire Data Center, wiil help states establish fire incident and casualty reporting networks based on a uniform coding structure.

During the pilot phase of the assistance program, a total of 19 states will eventually participate. These states will provide a stratified random sample of the nation’s fire incident and casualty statistics.

Local fire department data will be fed to the state level, where it will be computerized and analyzed for state and local use. A computer tape will be supplied to the NFPCA data center, which will make national statistics available to state and local authorities.

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