Nichols Opens New Station

Nichols Opens New Station

The new fire station at Nichols, Conn., erected at a cost of $18,500, was opened recently with appropriate ceremonies. The main portion of the building is 45 x 46 feet, large enough to house the company’s three pieces of apparatus, a new Mack 500-gallon pumper, a 1930 Ford hose wagon and a Reo chemical.

The exterior of the building is of brick and shiplap, with a non-combustible roof. The north wing has a large entrance hall to the second floor, also a boiler room, lavatory and a desk alcove. On the main floor is also a three-tier hose drying rack to accomodate 1,000 feet of extra hose.

On the second floor is a meeting room, fire place, lavatory and kitchen” Provisions have been made at the rear of the building for future quarters, in the event of permanent drivers being appointed.

The new station was designed by David Plumb, architect, and a member of the Nichols Fire Company.

New Fire Station at Nichols, Conn.

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