Nine Killed in Explosion

Nine Killed in Explosion

Eight women and a man burned to death in an explosion and fire at the Rochester Fireworks Company near East Rochester, N. Y., recently. Ten other persons were badly burned.

The explosion which started the fire was comparatively light, but the powderfed fire swept so rapidly through the long one-story building that only one or two of the more than twenty employees working at the time managed to escape without burns. Seven were burned to death while trapped in the building with no chance to escape.

The building was equipped with fourteen escape doors and the presence of these doors is believed to have prevented a much higher death list.

The explosion was caused shortly after 4:30 p.m., when a tray of powder being carried was either dropped or set down hard enough to cause a friction spark. The explosion was hardly more than a dull sounding puff, but the resultant fire flashed through the building instantaneously. The fire was confined to the one building, but the ruins were not cooled sufficiently to permit removal of the bodies until three hours later

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