NIOSH Convenes Group to Create Emergency Responder Health Monitoring Document

In response to the continuing need for health monitoring and surveillance for emergency response workers, a consortium of federal agencies, state health departments, and volunteer responder groups was convened by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). This set of guidelines and recommendations is the product of those deliberations. It is intended to address all aspects of protecting emergency responders and should be applicable over the full range of emergency types and settings. It is intended to be of use to all those involved in the deployment and protection of emergency responders, including incident management leadership; leadership of response organizations; health, safety, and medical personnel; and the workers themselves. This document was approved by the National Response Team as a Technical Assistance Document on January 26, 2012 along with the companion document “Emergency Responder Health Monitoring and Surveillance: A Guide for Key Decision Makers.”

For more information, view here.

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