New Jersey Official Says Volunteer Firefighters, Rescue Squads Scamming Retirement System

The New Jersey state comptroller says that some volunteer fire departments and first aid squads are partaking in taxpayer-funded retirement accounts despite many members not responding to enough calls or not holding the proper certifications.

Municipalities can make deposits into tax-deferred accounts for volunteer firefighters and responders who earn enough credits by responding to calls and other work. he Star Ledger reported that state Comptroller Marc Larkins issued a report saying that, in four locations, nearly two-thirds of money contributed was done so in error.

The report said the potential for waste in other areas is “significant,” the report said.

The comptroller’s investigation found 41 volunteers in the four townships with vested accounts of more than $400,000 whose participation in the program appeared questionable, but who would be allowed to withdraw the money for their own benefit.

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