No Drought Worries in This City

No Drought Worries in This City

One city that does not have to worry over the drought is Middleboro, Ky. In its part of the state there was no rain for over fifty days, but there is no sign of any diminution in the water supply. This supply comes from Fern Lake, which is an artificial body, two miles long, nestling between two mountain ranges. The water is pumped by centrifugal pumps to a standpipe 75 feet in diameter on top of a hill 250 feet above the city, which gives a pressure throughout the entire city of 115 pounds, that is sufficient to throw a fire stream over the tops of the tallest buildings. It is said that it would be possible to go a year without rain and still the city would not suffer.

The Middleboro Water Company is owned by Kentucky Utilities Company, which is the largest public service corporation in the state of Kentucky. An analysis of the water is made periodically, usually every three months.

Fern Lake is stocked with game fish and the fishing and boating privileges have been granted to the Fern Lake Outing and Hunting Club.

Spokane Approves $175,000 Pumping Station—The plans and specifications for the extension of the upriver pumping station of the Spokane, Wash., water works have been approved by the city council of that city. The building will cost $32,500, The improvement will involve $174,182, of which $32,500 will be the cost of the building and the balance expended for wells and equipment. With the completion of this new unit the city will have an increased water supply approximately of 68,000,000 gallons daily.

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