No More Rescue of Cats from Trees

No More Rescue of Cats from Trees

Tree-climbing cats in Nichols, suburb of Bridgeport, Conn., have been “notified” they needn’t expect any help from the Nichols Fire Department if they get themselves out on the well known limb. And the reason:

Public announcement of a “laissezcat-fare” policy has been made by Fire Chief Oswald Hindle after he received an SOS to assist in the rescue of a tabby, stranded high in a tree on Huntington Turnpike.

The new insurance laws for firefighters do not include coverage for injuries incurred while rescuing felines from arboreal perches in open spaces. Fire Chief Hindle has recommended that members of the Save the Panicky Cat Association contact the ASPCA in similar emergencies.

Oh—what happened to the cat which perpetrated announcement of the New Order? It remembered the immortal lines from “Invictus”—“I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul”— and climbed down under its own power.

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