No Spark or Flame in New Explosive

No Spark or Flame in New Explosive

A new kind of blasting agent that is said to emit no flame or spark to set off deadly underground explosions has been under experimental test in Illin is coal mines.

The substance called chemocol, developed by E. I. duPont de Nemours & Co. of Wilmington, if it is proved successful, would prove an important contribution to the coal mining industry.

The new explosive replaces the need for powder charges and other fire-emitting explosives by ripping coal faces apart with a self-generating charge of inert gas approximating 20,000 pounds per square inch.

In the chemicol method, it is said, a rupturing shell, made of steel, two inches in diameter and about six feet long, is filled with ammonium nitrate and other chemicals that decompose rapidly into a harmless gas when set off with an electrical impulse. The shells may be used repeatedly.

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