Nominations for Officers, A. W. W. A.

Nominations for Officers, A. W. W. A.

The regular nominations for officers of the American Water Works Association as decided upon by the nominating committee has just been announced through the office of the secretary, W. M. Niesley, 170 Broadway, New York City. They are as follows:

For President, Harry F. Huy, now vice-president, general manager, Western New York Water Company, Buffalo, N. Y.

For vice-president, George W. Batchelder, water commissioner, Worcester, Mass.

For treasurer (renominated),. William W. Brush, deputy chief engineer, New York City department of water supply, gas and electricity.

For trustee, District No. 1, R. L. Dobbin, superintendent water works, Peterborough, Ont., Can.

For trustee, District No. 2, Patrick Gear, superintendent, water works, Holyoke, Mass.

For trustee, District No. 6, George H. Fenkell, superintendent and general manager, water works, Detroit, Mich.

An honor roll has been established by the executive committee which will consist of a list of members who help along the growth of the association by sending in applications for membership.

New Reservoir Planned for Madison, Wis.—Plans and specifications for new reservoir construction to be constructed this spring at Madison, Wis., are now under way, according to an announcement by Superintendent Leon A. Smith, of that city’s water department.

Memphis Water Department Employes’ Association Hold Dance—The Memphis, Tenn., Water Department Employes’ Association, recently gave a successful dance and entertainment for their families and friends. The association was formed in November for the purpose of fostering better acquiantance among the employes of the water works department.

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