The tenth annual convention of the North Carolina Firemen’s association, recently held at Ashe ville, was presided over by James D. McNeill, of Fayetteville. Addresses of welcome were delivered by the mayor and corporation counsel. President McNeill replying. A cup won last vear by the Southside hose company, of Greensboro, at the Winston-Salem tournament was presented to the winners by Mayor A. IT. Boyd, of Salisubrv and acknowledged by Capt. Mendenhall. The following topics were discussed: “How to organise and maintain an effective fire organisation;” “Care of fire Hose;” “Duty of firemen in protecting property from water at fires;” “Value of chemical fire extinguishers and how used to the best advantage;” “The most effective fire alarm system where there is no electrical system;’ “Benefits of the North Carolina firemen’s association“ I he National Firemen’s association;” “Additional legislation needed.” The report of Secretary von Glahn stated that there were sixty-nine organisations in the association, representing thirty-four cities and towns. According to the report of Treasurer Taylor, there was balance of $470.54 in favor of the relief fund. Hie following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President. James D. McNeill: first vicepresident. Mayor Bovden. of Salisbury; second viceoresident. J. F. Madrv: secretary. W C von Glahn: treasurer. R. C. Tavlor. Wilmington was chosen as the next place of meetiti ho Charleston, S. C.. fire company, through F. A, Whiting, presentee! a loving cup to Presi dent McNeill, whe thanked the donors in feel-‘ ing terms.

The Westport, Miss,, fire department will have a parade in the fall.



As has been already announced, the annual convention and tournament of the North Carolina State Firemen’s association (the thirteenth) will be held at Charlotte on July 23, 24, 25, 26-the last three days being devoted to the tournament, the arrangements for which are as follows:

July 24-9 o’clock a. m., parade; 11 o’clock, steamer contest, with prize of $50 and $25 each for quick steaming and distance playing; 2 o’clock p. m., horsehose-carriage and wagon contest, prizes $100 and $50;

4 o’clock, baseball; 5 o’clock, ladder truck contest, prizes $100 and $50; 8 o’clock, band concert.

July 25-9 o’clock a. m., championship hand hose race, prizes $100 and $50; 11 o’clock, junior hose race, prizes $25 and $15; 2 o’clock p. m., hand hoso race, prizes $100 and $50; 5 o’clock, grab hose reel race, prizes $50 and $25.

July 2(5-Inter-State Day-9 o’clock a. m., horsehose-wagon or carriage race, prizes $100 and $50; 11 o’clock, ladder truck race, prizes $100 and $50; 2 o’clock p. m., hand reel race, prizes $100 and $50;

5 o’clock, grab reel race, prizes $60 and $30; 6:30 o’clock, individual foot race, prize, gold medal.

A local committee consisting of W. S. Orr (chairmau and chief marshal) Joseph J. Stone (secretary), and C. E. Hooper (treasurer) will take charge of the arrangements for, and the work of the tournament. The officers of the association are as follows: President, James D. McNeil; first vice-president, H. L. Riggins; secretary, W. C. Von Glalm; treasurer, C. E. Hooper; statistician, L. J. Taylor. Chief Irvine is chairman of the local invitation committee.

Many visiting firemen and teums will be on the ground and in the parade, among them a firstclass team from Charleston, S. C. Among the most energetic, if least seen workers for the success of the convention and tournameut is Superintendent C. H. Campbell, of the local waterworks,who, as the former chief of the fire department of Ocala, Fla., like Job’s warhorse, “smelleth the battle afar off” and gets ready to plunge into the fray.