North Carolina Has Forest Fires

North Carolina Has Forest Fires

Countless acres of timbered land in North Carolina are being destroyed by wide-separated forest fires. The eastern part of the state appealed to Governor Gardner for mobilization of state troops to aid the local fire-fighting forces. Sherwood Brockwell, State Fire Marshal, was sent to Brunswick County where 40,000 acres have been burned over during the past few weeks. Smaller fires were reported in Jones, Onslow, Carteret, Craven and Lenoir Counties in the eastern area. Deer, rabbit and other small animals were caught in the advancing fires.

Edgar M. Heltman has resigned as Associate Editor of Fire Protection to become associate editor of the Starchroom Laundry Journal. Mr. Heltman was formerly with an advertising and publicity agency.

Delivery of Luverne fire apparatus has been made as follows: 300-gallon pumper, Luverne equipped on a Dodge chassis: Luverne equipped chemical and hose combination on a Chevrolet chassis to Glencoe, Minn.

A Study of Fire Apparatus of Two Periods At a recent fire, the old La France steam fire engine, illustrated in the upper photograph, demonstrated that it was still capable of fighting fires. It was sold in 1890 to Worcester, Mass., and later became the property of a tobacco company.As a contrast the lower photograph shows an American-La France aerial ladder that has just been delivered to Middletown, Conn.

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