North Carolina Section Meets This Week

North Carolina Section Meets This Week

The annual meeting of the North Carolina Section of the American Water Works Association takes plate this week at Gastonia, N. C., the dates being November 14 to 16. The program is as follows:

Tuesday, November 14, Evening

Banquet, Address: Welcome to Gastonia, the mayor of Gastonia, Response: President J. L. Ludlow. President’s address: J. L. Ludlow. Choice of time and place for next meeting.

Wednesday, November 15, Morning

Inspection of exhibits of manufacturers Business meeting.

Announcement of officers elected for 1922-1923.

Water Rates, J. O. Craig, of Salisbury, Discussion.

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North Carolina Section Meets This Week

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Design and Use of Centrifugal Pumps, T. C. Heyward, Morris

Experience with Wood Stave Pipe in Greensboro, M. N. Boyles, of Greensboro, Discussion.

Charges for Private Fire Protection, W. E. Vest, of Charlotte. Discussion by W. J. Alexander and others.

The Gastonia Water Purification Plant, C. E. Rhyne. Discussion by E. W. Simons. An inspection of the plant will be made.

Wednesday, November 15, Afternoon

Reduction of Consumption by House to House Inspection. A. McK. Maffitt, of Wilmington. Discussion by E. B. Bain, of Raleigh and others.

Experience with Pipe Cleaning Machines, J. C. Michie, of Durham, Discussion.

The Operation and Care of Centrifugal Pumps, R. M. Alexander, Gould Mfg. Co.

The Operation and Care of Electric Motors for Pumping Units, E. E. Williams, of Greenville with discussion.

Use of Oxy-acetylene Torch in Water Works Practice, J. C. Michie, of Durham.

The Gastonia Sewage Treatment Plant, C. E. Rhyne, of Gastonia, with discussion by William Platt. An inspection trip over the plant will be made.

Wednesday, November 15, Evening

The Water Works Superintendent’s Responsibility for Fire Fighting, R. A. Myers, Southeastern Underwriters Association, Charlotte. Discussion.

Experience with Universal Pipe, A. McK. Maffitt, of Wilmington, with discussion by Mr. Bennett, of Chapel Hill, W. J. Alexander, of Gastonia and others.

Algae Growth in Reservoirs, H. D. Shaner, of Winston-Salem, with discussion.

The Lexington Filtration Plant, W. L. Jones, of Lexington. Operation of Chlorine Control Apparatus, P. J. Dishner, or High Point. Discussion by Wallace & Tiernan representative and others.

Thursday, November 15, Morning Special Session for Well Works Operators

Air Lift Pumps for Deep Wells, C. W. Lee, of Monroe. Operation and Care of Deep Well Pumps, P. W. Pressley, of Mooresville.

Well Strainers, Representative of Lane-Bowler Well Co. Drilling and Care of Deep Wells, F. C. Godfroy, of New Bern. The Underground Water Resourses of North Carolina, Dr. J. H. Pratt, of Chapel Hill.

Special Session for Filtration Plan Operators

Use of Deep Well Water to Secure alkalinity for Treating Surface Waters, J. C. Womble, of Washington, N. C.

The Laboratory Control of Filtration, Geo. D. Norcom, of Wilmington.

Economical Control of Chemical Dosage in Filter Plants, R. A. Maddock. of Charlotte.

Operation of a Small Filter Plant, R. F. Ward, of Zebulon. The Importance of Filter Sand and Gravel in Filtration Plants. A. O. True of Proximity.

Alkalinite, Turbidity and Similar Determinations on Quality of Water, F. N. Norris, Winston-Salem.

Dry Feed of Chemicals, L. M. Booth with discussion by manufacturers, representatives and others.

Use of Filter Re-wash, J. H. Suggs, of Durham.

Operation of Mechanical Filters with Value of Simple Laboratory Tests, W. M. Turner.

Thursday, November 16, Afternoon

Practical Use of Hydrogen-Ion Determinations, E. J. Theriault, of the U. S. Public Health Service.

Round Table Discussion of “Use of Hydrogen-Ion Determinations,” “Unusual Peaks in Consumption.” “Service Connections to Mains without Lead Joints,” “Substitutes for Lead Joints in C. I. Water Mains.” “Accounting, Rates, Metering and Distribution Problems.” Adjournment.

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