Northern California Chiefs Meet

Northern California Chiefs Meet

The Northern California Fire Chiefs’ Conference was held on April 11 to 12 at Watsonville.

The attendance was large and the program, very educational, including such speakers as Chief Mark Ryan of Redwood City who spoke on the progress of California Fire Chiefs: Ricliard Graves, Executive Secretary of the League of California Municipalities, whose topic was “‘Responsibility of the Fire Chief to the Citizens of His Community”; Charles Jones, Chairman of the Division of Forestry, State of California, who covered the “Problems to Be Surmounted by the Division of Forestry in Extending Assistance to Cities and Towns”; James Mace, Coordinator for the State Division of Forestry, who spoke on the “California Fire Defense Plan in Pooling of State Forestry Equipment.”

In addition the group discussed the following topics; “Will the O. C. D. Supply Manpower to Assist the Fire Departments,” “What Chances Have the Cities or Towns Below 1,000 Population in Obtaining Equipment from the O. C. D.,” and “What is the Procedure to Be Taken to Obtain Deferment of the Personnel of the Fire Departments and of the Division of Forestry of the Cities and Towns” which was led by Chief Lloyd Edwards of Crockett.

A demonstration of war gases was held by personnel of the Edgewood Arsenal, for those who were unable to attend the classes at Stanford University.

Jay W. Stevens, Secretary of the Pacific Coast Fire Chiefs’ Association spoke on the procedure to be followed by the Pacific Coast Association in holding future meeting during the war emergency.

Scenes at the Northern California Chiefs’ Meeting Demonstration of Incendiary Bombs.Left to right are Fire Chief Tom Lane, Alameda: Chief Tom Ward. Bureau of Trade and Industrial Education, Sacramento, and Chief L. Edwards, Crockett.Reading from left to right are Chief Paul Hoberg. Hoberg’s Fire Department. Like County: Chief Bart W. Arundel. East Vallejo: Jan Briscoe. Assistant Chief. Newport Beach Fire Department; Maurice Clement. President of the California State Firemen's Association; Batt. Chief Oscar Vreeden. Hoberg’s Fire Department, and V. P. Bartley, Ex-Assistant Chief, Taft.

Northern California Chiefs Meet

Northern California Chiefs Meet

Findings of the recent California earthquake were analyzed at the annual three-day convention of the Northern California Fire Chiefs Association held in Fresno.

Chief W. S. Minter, Long Beach, R. J. Scott, Los Angeles, J. Luxenbourger, Santa Ana, D. F. Glines, South Gate, R. L. Dunlap, Lynwood, F. Crocker, Newport Beach, E. J. Dobias, Garden Grove, H. Douglass, Huntington Park and Edward Dowd of Compton urged reinforced concrete construction for earthquake zones.

There was an outing at Shaver Lake, a dinner and dance, and golf and swimming sports for the enjoyment of the visitors.

Chief Frank Sandy, Oakland, is the new President, Chief Carl Algren, Albany, Vice-President, and Chief William Clemo, Palo Alto, Secretary-Treasurer.