Northern California Has Series of Fires

Northern California Has Series of Fires

One man died and six more were hospitalized when a series of fires hit Northern California over the week end of September 22.

One fire on a pier at Santa Cruz, 70 miles south of San Francisco, a summer resort and fishing town, trapped scores. While fisherman fought three blazes which broke out simultaneously on the big wooden pier, an excursion boat evacuated pleasure-seekers trapped at the pier’s end. Damaged was estimated at $10,000.

Three big produce freight sheds, two freight cars loaded with cans and huge quantities of vegetables were destroyed in a fire that swept the Stockton produce district and did $50,000 damage. The FBI began an investigation after workmen, several of whom were burned badly, said that the fire seemed to spring up at several points simultaneously.

An El Cerrito resident died while burning leaves on his property in San Pablo, across the bay from San Francisco. He apparently was overcome by smoke when the fire got away from him and was trapped by the flames when he fell.

Several firefighters were injured near Angels Camp in Calaveras County as they fought a number of forest fires, whipped by high winds.

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